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To vecchio ready to kick it off switzer is back deep southern i tip off is underway at a leftfooted kicker drives this one five yards deeper the end zone switzer is going to stop light at the goal he ran fullspeed to the goal why and dads lam dong the breaks it took in the the touchback will bring it to the 25 as dak prescott makes his way onto the field carrying a modest two gave which treat would've tyrants fifth jonathan cooper travis frederick ii martin antle l cowlings along that line from left to right jason but cited dez bryant terrance williams cold beasley the wide receivers alfred boris starts at running back who rod smith coming up his best game last week forty seven rushing yards in a hunt with thirteen yards receiving you'll hear a lot about rod smith tonight as well from the twenty five yard line with whitney boshakov left to right prescott his other cetera first out turns at the give took over civil the right side and alfred horse fights is way out to the thirty yard by by the right tackle trayvon nestor in there on the stop did he go autry khalil back adjusted l us make up the rest of that reitered defensive line serve a nicholas moral navarro bobo the ventured in the middle of that line backing core sean smith at left corner for the injured david emerson tj carry the right corner reggie nelson at carl joke joseph are the safeties three receivers to the left allied signal wide of the right second at five thirty prescott had begun now he'll creep up to the line looks left looks right as he dictates what he wants to do along the right hatch awaiting the shut snap now steps it won't step again with his hands at his waist pointing with his left hand raises his right foot gets the shutdown snap wants second in five prescott what time throws left side terrance williams who the grabble to 35yardline and that'll be a first down with progress out you're the thirty six dexter mcdonald on the tackle of terrance williams and the cowboys move the chains advice job other dallas cowboys with a line they're picking up the pressure oakland brought a quarterback wizard was shot smith with took forever to get there nice thrown catch my prescott alfred morris the single back single wide did elective ally to receivers to the right beazley is it.

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