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The habit of listening to WBZ newsradio traffic is backed a terrible New England weather is back to you well you know unpredictable summer's over and it's back to your life W. B. C. Boston's news radio. sunshine out there hello this beautiful September afternoon we have sixty eight degrees right now in Boston we'll check the forecast in just a second. check the roads first though with the super retailers and all wheel drive traffic on the breeze. well Mike at the grind north of town right now on ninety three north bound volume is jam before mon fell out all the way up to a left wing crash at one twenty eight the breakdown lane also block there the one twenty eight that's a nice ride between Walt them in Wakefield south down on the expressway no issues in either direction twenty four north bound that's a bit busy up after one thirty nine and Randolph farther south on the Cape six east bound crawling for about three miles over to left lane guard real work at one thirty in sandwich downtown the Tobin inbound that's locked up through a works on inside the city square tunnel in the lever down right that's tied up as well the west of town the mass pike moving along at the speed limit for now this report is sponsored by LifeLock with Norton the drive home could be more relaxing if you're not worrying about Mao where compromising your devices or your identity getting stolen introducing LifeLock with nor an outstanding protection for your identity and devices join a LifeLock dot com use promo code risk to get ten percent off your first year when a Hamilton WBZ's traffic on the three is traffic and weather together let's check that for day WBZ accu weather forecast right now it is brought to you by Toyotas official website for deals buy.

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