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Go ahead michael make your point make your point we told them we were coming they were able to flee who was able to flee syria serve when we bombed but go ahead no no no no no no no no no no no no no we bombed syria and we're continuing to bomb and we're continuing to heal people nobody way and the issue of trump being willing to bomb that was never a question every us president has one common thread every one of them they've had to kill people as every president question jimmy carter didn't kill a single person not one bullet was fired under jimmy carter not a single one that you may be mccarter carter carter was severely criticized for not a president is the point i'm making nuclear war there there are no winners and the chairman of north korea kim jong un those missiles that they perfect it once they found out the spies we had sabotage their program when she got rid of those those missiles started going where they wanted them to go and they could deliver those missiles to the most populated centers of our country now to me that's real that's real and then when we say what we would do to them we've been first strike in china came in in china said if north korea attacks america's they're going to stay out of it but if america attacks north korea we will not win look at how intelligent this whole thing is and we have to just tell you a brief you agree with this ranch is great you agree with this dance my issue with you michael is that those that may not be as encouraging to the notion of of a north korean agreement north korea agreement that somehow bigger unamerican i don't get that i don't get that's not the point i make the point i'm making is the credit the point i'm making is the criticism in light of what we know actually has taken place.

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