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A falling poll. Carrie Preston ABC NEWS HOMO News 1000 FM 97 7. It is 5 31. Right now. This is Wednesday morning with cloudy skies and even a few showers in some parts of western Washington 65 degrees in Seattle right now, along with Greg Herschel time manufacture. Here are the top stories from the Coma. 24 7 News Center. The new school year is just days old and already more than 80. People are being asked to quarantine at comic and middle school in Kirkland, where two students have tested positive for Covid 19 parents of kids who come Mike in middle school. Tell me this week has felt like whiplash. From sending their students back to the classroom only for many of them to be sent back home again. It was surprising Fallon Gallagher's son, Kagan is now quarantining at home just a couple days after starting school is 1/6 grader. Like many parents, I talked to Gallagher's supportive of the safety protocols that thinks that social distancing wasn't enforced. Enough disappointment in, UM, seating arrangements like Washington School District says it's still not sure how many people at the middle school are at risk. That's because staff is still creating seating charts on the buses. Mozambique Coney With that story, The new Mask mandate in Pierce and King counties means people attending high school football games will be required to mask up if 500 or more people are there. One player at Puyallup High School, Patrick Cote says It's a small price to pay to keep people safe. I feel it's necessary because you know, I respect science and feel it's Just respectable that others I need the mask so we don't all get sick and get to go to school. Because school is important to me and the players will not be required to wear masks. Another fire chief is warning that the governor's vaccine mandate may decimate his department as we hear from Cuomo's Brian Calver chief Jeremy Evans, heads up the West Valley Fire department in Yakima with this mandate. For example, here in West Valley, we would probably be short about 50% of our personnel. Why so many because his department is mostly volunteer. If a person.

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