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We sign off no nothing that comes to mind. It's been lovely talking to you. Jim so much research like blown away. Like i didn't know jim. New podcast is a gift right. I get to enter. Someone's life for an hour. And i take very seriously and i do want to know everything i can about them so my conversation can be helpful for people and hopefully help them make an impact in their life through the example of people. Like you thank you for the opportunity. I look forward to Enjoy more of your podcast in the future ranks. Ac and enjoy the weekend. Okay bye bye bye. That was my conversation with ac eggleston bracy. That was about the most personal podcast. We have done in this series three takeaways for you to think about in your life and your business i one. If you're not in the wellness business you probably should think about that. Wellness is important for your employees. It's important for your customers. In nearly every business coming out of cove it is going to be dialing up their wellness strategy. So think about that for your brand. Your business second takeaway. Do you have an explicit personal purpose. Ac talk so clearly about finding her purpose finding her voice claiming her voice the most important question. She asked people when she was on her journey to find her purpose. Who i was for you. Think about asking that to the people that are important in your personal professional life and be sure that you are explicit and following personal purpose and the third takeaway the sabbatical. How often do we take a pause and our life to recenter reconnect and be sure. We are spending our time our most valuable resource on what we want to be spending our time on in some ways. It's a luxury to take some time. Not working to recenter but it doesn't have to be a year or two. It can just be a weekend. It could be a week. It could be a month obviously the longer the better in terms of how deeply you wanna recenter. But i did not take as long as ac. Did i still found it very powerful to help recenter my life. The perspective i got by stepping away was that actually when i was in the corporate job at p g. I don't think i was playing to my strength as well as i could. In a more independent life for pursuing things that i was most passionate about so i decided to have a portfolio approach to life to not work for one company to have several things that were centered around my personal purpose that i would work. Activating in my daily work. That's it for this. Episode of the cmo podcast. If you found this helpful and entertaining i would be so grateful. If you could share our show with your friends and i would be super happy. If you subscribe. So you can be updated as we published new episodes. And if you really want to help the us a five star rating and a positive review when apple podcasts or wherever you listen. The cmo. Podcast is a gallery media group original production..

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