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In the referral box at checkout that's legalzoomcom on kboi news time is eleven thirty the dairy industry is a big deal in idaho that's why the idaho dairy industry will be among the thousands of people from close to one hundred nations that will gather for the annual worlds dairy expelled this week several in the idaho dairy industry will be at the expo which is being held in wisconsin mark stevens in is the director of dairy policy at the university of wisconsin madison and is one of the speakers at the event today he tells the public new service a big national hotbutton issue that the dairy industry is specifically dealing with right now is international trade agreements nap in particular has been a good match moco our largest trading partner and we sell out of dairy products there are so you know we we are really sure that they're we want a good swept up in newark rhetoric about trade being bad for the us he says the issue of milk prices for producers is everpresent and now are industrywide concerns about immigration labor rick worthington six seventy kboi and i'm tyler martin six seventy kboi more missed toss seminar two two two i'm john batchelor this is the john batchelor show mary annastasia graded the americas editor and columnists of wall street journal editorial head we begin puerto rico because the president's visit highlights what needs to be done what has not yet been achieved by the recovery efforts after hurricane merck maria mary a very good evening to you you point two fema being ready for maria as it bore down.

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