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Been caught one time. He does pick your spots. Here's the one. Oh and occur. Ball MRs outside to know. We who has homered in his game is on deck. Peterson off the game with a home run que-. Let off the second inning with a home run. Our in the third to pitch is off the outside three and change out. Mrs. Rodriguez is still just trying to fight his way through this start here today. Not the same guy that we've seen so often as you're not like he's getting lit up. Just not real sharp the three oh pitch. Balance swings away and pops it up third base side now drifting into foul ground longoria in front of the coaches box backpedals now two steps makes you catch nicely done. Valid you got the green light three. Oh and pops out Rodriguez worked around that. Triple a little help from his defense and an excellent pitch their to Bellinger to retire. The side Blanco then Rodriguez himself coming up it is due to dodgers middle of the third on the game. VR northern California Honda dealers radio network. KNB are six eighty. That a pop quiz for you. How well can you do? What's the last magazine you bought at the checkout line? What's the last book your kid checked out of the library? Who did your basketball team pick in the draft who did your kid pick to sit next to lunch? Book on the bestseller list. Name a book and your kids.

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