David Brown, New York, Superintendent discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Delta hospitalizations up in seventeen states cases spreading fast in Florida Texas and Arizona ABC's Victor Oquendo the White House saying it's now preparing for a second wave just in case stockpiling supplies but this week is getting worse eleven states setting new records this weekend in Arizona drivers lining up to get tested all I see is right eighty five percent capacity and a similar situation in nearby el Centro California Florida cities including Miami Orlando and fort Lauderdale ordering citizens to wear masks and socially distance lieutenant governor Jeanette Nunez saying that it protects others who may be vulnerable you need to take precautions as viruses still monsters there's no vaccine there's no queue arranges governor once attributing the increase to more testing now saying about half the new cases are young people indicating that it's spreading more in that community sixty people shop this weekend in Chicago nine died the police superintendent David Brown partly blaming letting violent offenders out for home monitoring and not monitoring them very well I've been or eight weeks it is shocking then no one monitors people on home monitoring as shocking to me you'll have to explain that to him amid security and scrutiny of police tactics nationwide a disturbing apparent chokehold incident is on new York city police commissioner Dermot Shea describes body cam images and sound of a police arrest today in which a man on the ground is being held down by four officers well yes of course you look look believe commissioner says.

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