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Art Acevedo joined rescue team waiting to chest high water urging homeowners to evacuate urgency crews say they made more than a thousand rescue so far are revelations surrounding a whistle blowers claim that president trump made a promise reportedly to the president of Ukraine during a phone call that's led to a confrontation between the director of national intelligence and lawmakers on Capitol Hill correspondent Stephen Portnoy the president's lawyer says his client would have had every right to call the leader of Ukraine and demand investigations into Joe Biden and his son hunter crimes of major proportions in a combative interview on CNN Rudy Giuliani accused Joe and hunter Biden of taking part in a massive bribery scheme you want to cover some ridiculous charge that I urge the Ukrainian government to investigate corruption well I did and I'm proud of it Giuliani says in twenty sixteen byte and urged the firing of Ukraine's top prosecutor because the alleged the prosecutor had been pursuing the gas company were hunter Biden served as a director it's a charge Joe Biden fiercely denies Stephen Portnoy CBS news Washington there's a White House meeting scheduled for today to talk about possible responses to the attacks on Saudi oil facilities attacks the US planes on Iran CBS is Cammy McCormick is at the Pentagon US military experts continue to study the evidence in Saudi Arabia they're looking for hard evidence that the drones and cruise missiles were launched from Iran but in the meantime the military will lay out options for the president including air strike targets or cyber attacks but the options also include political or economic actions any military strike on Iran could lead to war federal officials. Hey they caught up with a New Jersey man before he could carry out the makings of a deadly plot on New York City landmarks Alexei saab has been charged with being a Hezbollah operative who scouted the statue of liberty the Empire State Building and you end headquarters students are walking out of class around the world today. they're demanding action on climate change CBS's map hyper has two days I on earth from Manhattan New York City public schools are allowing students to skip class to attend this rally to fight climate change that so long as they have their parents approval and will then get excused absences the demonstrations come ahead of a United Nations climate summit here in New York the March is expected to draw thousands and will commence after about a mile in battery park that's were sixteen year old Swedish climate activists Greta Thunberg is expected to speak she and others recently filed a constitutional climate lawsuit against the government mass Piper CBS news New York late word New York mayor bill de Blasio has dropped out of the race for the democratic presidential nomination it's four minutes after the hour. Capital One is re imagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes Capital One what's in your wallet Capital One N. A. member FDIC. all right now it'll Reilly.

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