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But the first game for us Yale and LSU the SEC regular season champs but without head. Coach will Wade who was suspended indefinitely the day prior to the regular season finale coaches allegedly caught on FBI wiretapped discussing payments for recruit. Devante smart. Who is now on the LSU roster and their interim coach Tony Benford. Hey, if the last two weeks or getting any easier, I don't know about easy. He's your help. I think we're still in a routine. I guess that's the right answer to that. Where we are. You guys had a routine at all I don't think he's got the guys I think now custody coaches not around right now again, I just get back to the ownership. I think every every chimps I've been associated with you've always always about the players and they're taking on a bunch of players from Yale who can score the Ivy league tournament champs. Speaking of scoring one of the best matchups of the first round. It's the five twelve matchup in the west regional between Marquette and Murray state and the racers featuring John Moran. Who's got an opportunity to the first ever to have twenty points a game Tennessee game. And nobody knew we was coming out of high school come from being overlooked in high school and not receiving that much attention. There was times. I question myself without good enough. And now, my hard work is paying off. And it feels good to the top eight scores in the country going head to head John Mirant and Marcus our looking forward to all of it tomorrow. Our coverage begins with a tournament today at eleven AM eastern France for will join me in studio you ready for the entire day thirty eight twenty five Arizona state's got the lead at Saint John's or on Saint John's at the half get you back to Dayton on the other side, Ted Emmerick and Austin grocer from the Westwood One NCAA radio network. This is the men's basketball tournament. This is the story of a very.

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