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Efforts of the uh the crew of the uss fitzgerald on of you heard about this off the coast of japan to japan this weekend a a us navy destroyer the basically collided with a japanese containership over the weekend and we have the bodies of missing sailors were found in flooded compartments aboard the uss fitzgerald and apparently the us us was gerald came close to actually sinking after the collision with a container ship off japan the this had yet the these types of you could basically see i guess a can have a gash in the water one of the of the us naval ship sowa late yesterday the navy released uh the named the names of seven sailors crewman who had lost her wise but according to the navy uh for wasn't for the desperate efforts of the crew to save lives and keep that ship from sinking of might have been worse so again a sad story off of the coast to japan us navy reporting that a destroyer collided with a a conteh a container ship off the coast of japan and you know you would think i know some people say hurts on several we can how can that happen you know with all the sophisticated radar and technology but you don't wanna timeseries uh these things can happen shows you accidents can happen anywhere but uh i guess it could have been worse so that's a look at some of the news and also watch net situation in of london london of course they're calling this a terrorist attack but it it may have been actually an antimuslim terrorist attack but this is what we can tell you this morning and will update you want also that story out of syria but we are hearing this morning that uh the they do one person has died ten people have been injured after one man drove a van into uh worshippers nearing north london mosque now police said the said eight were taken to the hospital's several were seriously injured the van hit people just after midnight local time there who were attending the the the there were basically coming out of that mosque apparently out front sowa again we don't know much more i think of the crowd held the guy until a police came to arrest him but this attack happening in london and of course london has been shaken with terrorist attacks in the last uh.

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