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Or we don't learn from our mistakes and we stay mired in mediocrity. Correct. Tommy's in here. So Vic Fangio is out. Nick has been a fantastic coach in this league for a long time. And he's finally getting an opportunity to run his own program. I couldn't be happier for him. I think he's deserving of this opportunity and he finds himself in a good spot. You go to to Denver and you get an opportunity to coordinate a defense. It's got you know, von Miller, Shane Ray, kid, Bradley Chubb, who's a rookie this year out of NC state. You've got an all pro cornerback and Chris. Yeah. But I mean you, but you also have Gary kubiak who is a former Super Bowl winning head coach. Who's now I guess going to take over their offense. I think it's a good setup in Denver. But there's no question they have to figure out their quarterback situation. It is something that John Elway has failed to do. But look I thought that Vick could find himself in a very good situation. Much in the way that men Nagy found himself in a good situation where MAC could take care of the offense. Basically look look at Vic Fangio and say, here's the keys to the west wing in this building. I win come over there until you ask me, or if you need me to come over there, and do whatever it is. But you're almost an assistant head coach in charge of the defense. I'll let you do your thing. Well in Denver now, I think you've got the similar thing. I think he got Vick. Who's completely in charge of that defense? It's got a lot of potential who's going to hire. No, see or Gary nosy that he can look to and say, Gary you've seen this you've done this all you can call you. I think it's a great. Setup for victim in Denver. I think it sets up for him. Lot of coaches walk into situations where the deck is stacked against them. Because of I mean, you're looking for new coach and of instances because you've had a run of bad luck. Or you haven't been very good. I think he finds himself in a situation in Denver where he could succeed. So I'm happy for. Yeah. I was reading about some of the candidates that I saw that when Greg Williams went to Washington he was in demand. And the Washington people said we will not have anything to do with the defense. It's all you, you do it ever it is you want you autonomy. So who to the bears higher? I don't know Donna tells in their building I think ED's contract is up. I think it would be a nice segue to go from Vic Fangio's before he has. And he's been in the league forever. And but but maybe Vic decides he wants to take with him. I think you're gonna have you're gonna have your pick of the litter. You tell me if you're a defensive coordinator. Okay. And you're in search of new work a new job. I mean what open defensive coordinator position. Are you going to sign up for I oh, by the way, Khalil Mack Akeem Hex Leonard Floyd, Eddie Goldman, Danny trevathan roquan Smith. Kyle fuller prince amukamara any Jackson they're all under contract. You wanna come and be RDC? I probably walk from wherever you are. Right now. It's take that interview if you're asked so I think they're going to have I don't know who it will be. But I think they're going to have their pick of the litter. Yeah. I would think name who you want and those guys are going to be I mean be fit with Matt too. I mean, there was a natural. I think Vic Fangio probably wasn't. I don't know Vick. I've never met Vic. But I think there was a natural comfort with Vic Pena's -ccomplish this. He was with no feeling of having to usurp in any way, the power of the head coach Matt Nagy who's a young first time head coach you got to find someone who can come in and segue into that situation with a similar approach. Like he's Rex Ryan that guy can Rex come here. Rex had a good run as a defense corner is Rex and would come here, and and suck the oxygen out of the room. Correct. So I think it's good. I I think they're in good good shape. I we've talked about this last few days on our show. They're better off losing Vic with the personnel. They have on defense, and they are losing matters the offensive minded this coach, and what he means to that young quarterbacks of whatever reason you lost Matt Nagy? It would be a bigger shot to this team again because of the importance of the quarterback head coach slash offensive coordinator relationship. Right. You've got so much talent on the defensive side of the ball on a minimize what Vic men to that team. I've got a pretty strong feeling. This is going to be a good defense for years to come. Now. I say that. And look Buddy Ryan had the horses to run with. But when buddy left, I don't I mean, and there was probably some things you lost Wilbur Marshall to free agency. Right. Some other issues guys got a little bit older. But that defense probably fewer points the next year under Vince Tobin than they did under buddy. Okay. So there you go. But over the long run you still probably with no disrespect meant to vent events. You probably missed him out. So I I think that this is at the professional level. What's most important is? It's you have quality players coaching ultimate and see the jockey carry the horse across the finish. Exactly. It's well said show me a great coach. I'll show you coach we great players or good players Guido. And we'll Matt as a question for us. Hey, Guido, what's up sparky guys? How are you? Good. What's up? Good. Good. So I was wondering and this just makes that bears laws hurt just a little bit more. You know, how impatient. These NFL guys are and they want to get a coach on their books. Real quick. You think if that the bears would have won the game and knowing everything baby Vic Fangio probably wouldn't have got the job because he's still be coaching. What do you think about that? I don't necessarily can't connect those dots directly. Great. Oh because they could've still hired. Vic couldn't they have. I don't know. Exactly the rules. You can't hire him. But they could have had a handshake. You could have come to an agreement that when you announced I guess you do announced the hiring when you ultimately exit the postseason. Yes. I mean, if you're the guy I don't think that thanks listen. It's a good point. But I don't think ultimately, I think we try to blame Cody parkey for Vic Fangio go there. I don't think that's the case. Do you believe Cody parkey speaking of that now? It's gonna take. I don't know. How you do it? I don't know how they coexist. I don't know how he handles the situation. I don't know how I don't know. I don't know how the team kind of. I think all the guys in that locker room handled it as well as they could that they were great. And they were gracious in Bobby Massie, and everyone who spoke on his behalf. I thought that was very classy. But I heard you guys talking about it. You saw the situation how it all happened with with Blair Walsh. Right. I mean, the try to bring him back and rehab that. So. Look, here's the deal. You made the mistake given him a a cap restrictive contract with no pun intended. You made getting rid of him painful fiscally. But you can't you can't turn one mistake into two by not getting rid of the right thing to do is to move on. And find somebody for a very inexpensive price and go forward. You don't wanna make a second mistake keeping him because you don't want to get nothing for him at three and a half million. I think you have to move on. I just do. I don't think he can be your kicker throw you another name Jack del Rio. Yeah. I like Jack Jack did a nice job on Twitter. Yeah. Jack Jack did a defensive coordinator. Sure. Marvin lewis. He's a good defensive coordinator as well. That's sure he wants to go back to do that. Jack may be more willing to do that the Marvin Marvin was head coach for fifteen or sixteen years Wilkes. Yes. Steve Wilks probably wants to get right back on the horse. So to speak get that bad taste out of his mouth. He had success in Carolina. A lot of people thought the world of him. Again, I think you're going to have your choice of guys. Are you unhappy about Vic leaving in some respects? Yeah. Because you don't want to lose him. But you happy for Vic because Vikas toiled as I said in this industry for a long Vick was coaching linebackers in New Orleans during that stretch, people don't don't remember this. But he was the linebackers coach New Orleans when they had Rickey Jackson von Johnson, Pat swilling and Sam mills that group that that was one of the best four sums of linebackers in the history of the game released modern history of the game. So when he was in San Francisco, he didn't San Francisco a lot of the same things as he did here. I mean, he's he deserves a chance go out there and run his own program. He's paid his dues any chance foxy would wanna come back is the DC. I don't think he comes here. I think John would be open to I think he's enjoying what he's doing. I think he was an opportunity for him to catch his breath as well. He's been a head coach for what sixteen years or something. Like that prior to being let go this off season. I don't know he meets coaches, are you know, you were a coach it's tough to get it out of your blood is you know, I wouldn't rule it out that John will go back to be a DC somewhere. I don't think he's panicking. I mean, he was still still getting paid this year. Yes. So we call those golden parachutes. But now, we don't. But I think I think there's a chance he may want to get back in the game. Darnold, last one. Do you think Jordan Howard is wearing a bears uniform twenty nineteenth kicks off? I think they're going to try to move him. I don't know what they'll get for him. And I say that with all respect to what he's provided his first year in this league here in Chicago. He was thirteen hundred yard rusher is second-leg us an eleven hundred yard rusher. And last year this past nine hundred yards. He didn't get the touches. And they really weren't as efficient running the football as they have in the past said, a nice run here in Chicago. Yeah, he just doesn't. And I didn't think when when they came in. I I never thought he was the right fit with what to do doesn't mean. You don't think he's a good player? You just he is he doesn't fit totally into the system that you're trying to run it doesn't maximizes system or the efficiency that can come from the system. So look, I don't know. I don't know that you cutting because he's not making a ton of money. He's on his first contract. He was a fifth round picks. You try to trailing. What are you gonna get for? And he was a fifth round pick overall might get a fifth. You may. I mean, I think they'll try to dealing or conditional pick. So if I had to put my money down at my money would be on the fact that he wouldn't be with this team next year. But again, I don't say that with kind of like get the hell outta here in my heart. I appreciate what he provided for this team. He's just. You know, you run a vertical passing attack? You don't want me in your offense. Do you know what I'm saying you run more of a gimmicky side to side. I want Kareem hunt without the baggage that guy who doesn't or Alvin Kamara can find those guys they can find those guys in third round. I'm Phillip Lynes. Lease is going to the Pro Bowl this year. He was an undrafted free agent for Denver. So fine guys that can can be two dimensional instead of the one dimension, which is purely running the football. And look it's not as if they ever said, hey, we're gonna load you up and give it to you twenty plus times a game consistently. Just wasn't what are they did? So that's why you saw some of Tai Kwon, Mazalan and Benny Cunningham because as marginally better as they may be as receivers, and I thought Jordan improved himself as a receiver out of the backfield this year, but one of the things for you real fast. When the football is stripped out, Anthony Miller's hands officials calling it incomplete. Bill belichick. Brought. That showed that play the his team the other day. It's said that's why I tell you to pick up every loose ball. It'll be coaching point for every team in the league. But if you look at the film, the whistles blown in the official is emphatically sing signaling incomplete pass and he's five feet from the football. I understand. Why guys didn't do it going forward? Will they change your approach a little bit?.

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