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Off. That's a great question Thank thank you so much. By the way i do try I'm not sure on there. But i i work on to sixty five six five. I mean freddie's head of the question for me. Obviously as cool as i would be ebola. Hate my guts immediately. Because i'm not robert and i get it you know. See this fuck head would eight me immediately. I can play jason voorhees. Who's my favorite kill. I would not be thought albizu This is what fans are. You can't fuck in please. Everybody would have to say myers or jason. You know myers is my go-to because i love halloween so much. I'm a fan of friday. The thirteenth wildlife. Halloween is to go to serve me. No but then again. I've not tyler name neither. I'm not talking like seventy foot. Forty five and my flak in. I know that's not saying shut up. That's twelve feet. But you know i. I'm not him so he owes me in height department. But then again. I think in the two thousand nine remake of the thirteenth that cats got dared near probably got a bit a- enough height on me as well but i got the size maine so i think i don't know either one of those fucking stoked for sure. I just decided that. I'm not sure. How tall derek. Mears is sure a issue. He's up there. We've been along here. We have rav matthews from san jose. California make a fan. I heard news that your co star for a couple of movies is there reason. Can you talk about. Also your favorite coast start date. Keep rockin bro. Brother i've Read that right how it's written. Okay so i think what it means is that they were replaced. Question to 'cause i was warned about questions allen so i because it was kind of like. Do you really wanna get into that. I will yes. I will lavera alone. I are no longer working together. Ed yes there's a reason By it is not anything to do with her As a person anything like that. It was a management saying the time Her management and i didn't really mash and she's not with them anymore. Anyway so best of luck to her and everything that she's doing but You know just business stuff gets in the way sometimes and so it became a thing where like this isn't gonna work because of all the business bullshit you live and learn as you go in this industry But then i found a great replacement who i'm superstock to work with. There's that so. I honestly truly wish. Chris the absolute best in her career From what i hear. She's doing so cool stuff. So i mean you know all the power to and i hope she kills all right so this one's from alexis radcliffe in orlando florida. I love you. I just wanted to know if he had any really crazy. Obsessive fans much beloved. first of all No actually honestly. I know it's boring fucking answer and i'm sorry did give that to you but.

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