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I thought you'd like him. What are you listening to wizard. And a true star. Yeah i think that was the album yet to come in. And i saw then light is that that's on their as yet. Yeah we'll maybe something anything anyway. Yeah he's an interesting guy. I feel bad. Because i feel like now the way we discover music through as spotify or indeed. I tunes is that you don't see the album whereas i used to remember getting an album and listen to the album that tracker and i'd let it play. The background goes still play off like this song and then get into the whole album. There'd be like one key track. Take me into the album. Yes i know. That's a bit weird now isn't it. What kind of numbers is todd. Rundgren racking up in his top five What songs on spotify like. How many listened says he got. Oh no actually probably not that many. I didn't think that many people know about him. Which i like. Because it's the same with for example rufus wainwright. Yeah i remember getting very interest waned in the mid two thousand. And i was like he said i love him and then everybody got into him and was like. Oh my god. I went to see him at the eden project. You know the types. And then i was like. Oh they're everybody's interim now what it's not so special to me. Now something special. I still do. Love him todd rundgren. I saw the light is his top track on spotify. Thirty three million listens and counting nearly thirty four out but the other day i was talking to my son. I had a wonderful moment with my son the other day. A great little shining moment in lockdown and we were painting a wall in his room where the paint is all flaking off and he kept on saying attack. Can we do something about as like yeah. Let's sort this out son. We are going to sort this wall out. It's going to be a father son while we were doing on diy. I said sticks and music on and so he said this. And he put on a tract by radiohead called how to disappear completely. Oh she's beautiful song. And it has these unsettling strange almost atonal strings that opened the track at the beginning creating this weird unsettling mood and i said You know where they nick that from and they have admitted themselves jonny greenwood said on documentary that they stole it. Almost wholesale from scott walker really. Yeah it's a track of scott walker's called it's raining today and it's sit amid period scott crooning but things are going a little bit weird. You know scott walker and a little bit. Yeah no actually. I think i'm going to write writing down. But i said to nettie like have you heard of scott walker and he said no and so i stuck on its rating today. And he's like. Oh wow yeah. That is the same idea And then we went on a scott walker. Jack and i ended up playing in a track called the electrician from kind of comeback album. That the walker brothers did which is really extraordinary very odd half kind of avant garde experimental spooky almost horror film music. It's about torture And then there's periods where it's very lush and straight and beautifully melodic and he listened to this and he's like oh my god. That is everything. I love about music in one song. Oh it was so fun just to have that thrill of seeing someone experiencing an amazing piece of music like that..

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