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Puck comes to can't get a deep back deadly veteran connects defenseman dumps it into the blues zone allen puts it down onto the ice and it goes over to tranquillo he'll clear to center here's steve frank wide to portray angelo skating over the line burgling going to go vanden forty singing mental knocking aim one well that's the start you're looking for get a little run support a couple of good chances steam makes a great neutral zone fast to portray angelo he gains the zone and makes a little feather pass a little transition patrick burg linden burgling just backhands the parkway nelson a boost go up one nothing early in the hawk again for transmittal just makes a nice little delivery into the middle of the ice patrick takes the backhand fires it in blues up one nothing cowards betraying gelo big enough his fifty first point that dies a career high for him he's added to other seasons so the third time he's at fifty one points in his career that's his thirty sixth assistant the season booze onto the puck in the offensive zone with a one nothing lead berlin at the right point behind the net christine the broads eac going back to berlin come out of the corner with it centered abroad dial checked on the play the pull it away and minarik kasim sending it to the nearside for dell zado lose it is the zona swept away by the reach of perico bolton skates in behind the net here's thompson is way to center slides it ahead so voca enters the vancouver zone boards on the right wing by bully julia this is to be a game behind his neck that connects to the neutral zone bounce it off we're getting after him ofensive lee that's nikolai goal bobin and he'll lose it along the wing as yaskin comes off the wall with it plays it to the middle for edmonson bright side back to thompson that's deflected away the ega floors down to the corner he puts it up the end boards of the nearside two minutes gone here in period number one one nothing blues on a goal by burgling cleared through center ice over down into the blues then edmondson's back to get down abort twozone snaps it ahead barbershop to flex it in barbara barbara son quizzed on.

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