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And Amira, played by Lauren London, are forced to navigate Ezra pseudo woke parents, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and David Duchovny in a mirror's unyielding and concerned parents, played by Eddie Murphy and Nia long. You people was written by Jonah Hill in Kenya barris and directed by Kenya bears. You people is rated R and is now playing only on Netflix. Welcome everyone to the SI media podcast. I'm your host, Jimmy trainer. Thanks so much for listening. Podcast is actually going to be called SI media with Jimmy trainer going forward. You may see that switch when you're listening to this, you may not, we're trying to get it all settled, so a little tweak of the name, new logo. Hope you like it. Send me some feedback. I like the logo a lot. So hopefully you guys do too. And a new era here as we go forward. And we have a great, great show to kick off here with the new title and logo, Chris Berman, the legend from ESPN, joins the SI media with Jimmy trainer podcast to discuss Super Bowl NFL NFL prime time Swami and a bunch of other stuff, really fun interview with Berman, then we have Sal la cata and train of thoughts following Berman. Get into a lot of stuff about the NFC and AFC title games. Super Bowl stuff, just usual banter with Sal in train of thoughts. Before we get to it, I had a great interview last week with good morning football, Jason McCourty got a lot of good feedback on that. A lot of people like the interview. So if you missed it, check that out in the archives. Chris long was on the pod two weeks ago, Troy Aikman three weeks ago. So going to the archives, check those out, subscribe to the podcast as well. Leave a review on Apple. We have a giveaway with Brady brand in the train of thought segment and if you leave a review, you can win some Brady brand underwear. So a lot going on this week. We got a name change. We got a logo change. We're doing a giveaway. And we've got a legend in Chris Berman on the pod, followed by train of thoughts. We kick it off all right here. On SI media with Jimmy trainer. All right, joining me now, very excited to have him back on the SI media podcast. He was one of my first guests when I took over. A while ago and it's great to have him back. The legendary. Icon from ESPN, they call him boomer, Chris Berman, Chris, how are they? Hi, Julie. Legendary is kind, but you got my chapter, thank you. Listen, you know, I'll start here by doing a little kissing of the butt. You know, Sunday after those two games, flip on ESPN and there you were. And I'm a very, very big nostalgia guy. And I grew up in the 80s. I think the 80s is the greatest decade and I'm all about the 80s. So when I see you on my television, not a streaming service, not my iPad sorry ESPN PR is probably flipping out. When I see you on my TV after a big football game on a Sunday Night, it just feels right and takes me back to a

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