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Back to John better shape this one just wore me out John one along with Troy Murray here at the Rogers arena in Vancouver what we just witnessed something special here tonight folks it wasn't a hawks victory unfortunately but it was a goaltending performance the like of which I haven't seen in a long time now folks Troy Murray my partner played with some great goaltenders in his career among them Patrick walked in Colorado he played with some great goaltenders with the Blackhawks any bill for I could go down the list for the guys to try to play with but I don't know how many times he was part of a game where the goaltender representing the team we played for put on that kind of a performance I put it to you for can you ever remember something like that as a player well I have a hard time remember what I did yesterday this was all I mean I don't think I've seen a forty nine save shutout really can't ever think of anything like that so this was just a ridiculous performance by Jacob March from the team didn't the Vancouver the team as a whole look a little bit out of sync all game long but we don't want as they normally do when the Blackhawks you know work to some give credit to the opposition give credit to the Blackhawks they all played the Vancouver Canucks in this game but this was just a a goaltender there's no question about that forty nine shots forty nine states Blackhawks only gave a twenty shot for the office the power play was for five but it looked much better didn't get any results and I guess that's what you're looking for it can look horrible and get results and you take that any day so you know on a on a special night here's Vancouver with the city's getting their jerseys retired to the rafters here Rogers place this was a a spectacular performance for the Vancouver Canucks goaltender who has really been the the backbone of this team all season right I was just going to say from talking to the Canucks people they said that this began in November or March from comes in on home ice and he's just unbelievable and if they get that kind of goaltending this is a team that could go a long way in the playoffs not not only are they the top of the Pacific Division and may win the division by my main mama maybe a couple points if they're able to hold on to that but yeah I have to like their chances in the playoffs if they can get goaltending like that but let's flip it to a black oxide the Blackhawks work like that every night right on the position the third player in first key to the game consistency.

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