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And she was like the loan, a one of the female fighters on it, and she she's, so she's so talented. I had she's been pegged. I remember when she won the ultimate fighter people are already kind of pegging her as a future title contender in this. She's only gone better and better and better and better. And she's winning dominantly so Tatiana Suarez versus blank. I'm always going to be the most interested in. Agreed agreed hundred percent. That's one hundred that's the number one contender fight for me. I cannot wait to see that one. Also, lent me, not answer off has been continued to surprise aren't saying wasn't she hinting at retirement at one point? And then she took a short notice that just Ryan with it should be like, does a pretty definitive wind. So I don't know. Man. I don't know what this, but I'm looking forward to that. Let's keep going looking for. Questions. This one's coming from AUSSIE fight fan says, hey guys, we are all sick of these sea level judges in MA. How about the you C hires fighters who are on the card to judge the fights pros. They know what they're looking at. They have experienced they get paid, they interact more with fans cons, none thoughts. That's an interesting idea. He says, how basically the of see hiring their fighters who may be around, but aren't on the car to judge divides. Are they still on the roster? He didn't say, but let's say, yes, I would I don't want fighter on the Rosser like judging car. I think you should be not even you should not be an employee of the you have C while or a contracts, the of see while you're judging event, and I do believe it was you that wrote this article a long time ago in enforced someone as Forrest Griffin this about, like, what do you think about judge fighters judging fights? And he was like, no and fatty. No, because fighters will judge based off of their style. I know he's he was like, I'm not like if a wrestler fights, a forest, Griffin's argument was he always favours guys with high volume in low power output, because that's his type of fighting where Matt, he's like me and Matt Hughes will never agree on a kick boxer versus a wrestler, if they fought their style. So for a long time, I was again, fighters should judge, but then Forrest Griffin was sown? Fatted with his no. And laid out all of these reasons why he definitely swayed me and forced not the best person to answer that question. Because maybe he just doesn't want to judge, but he I tend to agree with with his take on it. I'm curious what you have to say though. No, that's a great point. That is it really great point. I forgot that for that little comet from force because you're a hundred percent right. Black belt who spent his entire life on the MAC is going to be giving much more weight to, to grab it actions and things like that -fensive wrestling, while well guy, who's gave by his entire life is going to be much, giving much more credits jabs, and right of various stand up techniques. Also, I this is a bad idea for more reasons than that, because just also fighters have bias. He's mainly. This is a very, very small world, all of MA, everybody knows everybody to some degree in some fighters light some fires some fighters don't like some fighters. Some fighters used to be teammates with some fighters some fires. No people that used to be teammates with so fires. You're just coming going down a road where you have no way to have any real knowledge of, like, hey, what's disguised connection to this guy?.

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