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The pace is faster they're more pressure packages he did a very poor job of recognizing pressure packages the wyoming coverages are more complicated than he that he saw eight college so i think that's going to be an issue and go people wanna support point to supporting cast with josh allen i you know andrew of all the quarterbacks that are gonna go in this draft probably and i'm i'm including guys like like logan woodside like her hankered towel let all those guys all those quarterbacks ten or twelve names at a study done by benzel i one of my colleagues over the scouting he'll josh allen had the lowest drop right about his receivers of any of those guys are only twelve percent are only twelve passes on the to on the year total for him or draw from bio employers are you compare that to guys like lamar jackson dos rosen who are thirty five a piece you know that's a huge difference in terms of your dusted completion percentage so even when you take the drops into consideration alad is still a wildly inaccurate quarterback that matters in the nfl man that matters a lot and you could be a good athlete and big and you can have experienced understand or you can throw the ball it was seventy five yards run your knees whatever but if you can't make a simple play and a lotta times his accuracy behind the line of scrimmage on throws was poor that type of variance at the quarterback position has not typically been successful guys with this profile have turned out much more like jake locker than they have like matt stafford so that's what would concern me about taking this is rumored to go i guess this john leonard you could follow him on twitter at leonard l e d y a r d nfl draft he's a contributor for pro football weekly's draft analyst for fanrag sports john let's say the draft goes alan one darnold too mayfield three.

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