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Oh my last que. No one check. It's going to be on the ice of the picture of the that. I don't know how you didn't think the dreadlock guys were like cool or like intimidating ours. Do they have fuck and move through and show. I don't know goes there pro. Their how they're scary grant steaks. You're talking about steak so they're going to kill you at any time. They were freaky. I really didn't like that like Like i did enjoy that. They had like blades. But it was like making me uneasy. 'cause kuttan dunno it gives me that's the only one only things that gives me like squeamish. Things is a really start blade like that super for me. Anything for you know. I chimed in quite a bit laying out the thoughts a fan. Actually actually at one thing. We're neo stalking the architect after that as a you know very pc him he's like i'm not gonna let that all white guy tell me what to do. You know very much like a. I don't know that yet. He said maybe not verbatim but it was definitely like man white. Well i'd say that. Yeah that's very. Pc we if you didn't mention that he was white. That would have been a problem ages. All this all age just getting my All messed up. You should be an expert With all the salmon california still getting there all right about that time grant. Curious notes that gene q. patented reviewer. We decide whether the true rating of the matrix reloaded is over under the imdb rating and we are sitting with what a third as many votes five hundred forty. Three thousand votes seven going to still animatrix was like seventy thousand right. It's nothing what was it. Seventy seven point two seven two. I'm gonna go over i i. It's still enjoyable for me..

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