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Thought he was in remission or it was gone but he did have nola nomo according to sanjay gupta around that area they say the clot was over his left eye nonfarm from the left temple where he was diagnosed with melanoma back in two thousand so and down to the looks like says the same thing if somebody as a blood clot that makes you think of cancer that's the you know here too seems to be more thrown majette didn't put you at risk for blood clots he had three other malignant melanomas removed his leftarm left off shoulder left nasal wall these were moved ninety three two thousand two thousand tell they were a limited to the top player of the scared were not invasive all declared stage zero but his invasive melanoma was the reason that he started to get screening screed and remember with his work history said you know your limitations and even the 40s and in what were to the use son bomb they they used sunscreen phil to protect themselves there wasn't some sun bomb that they could issues actually have some from than a from world war two in a vetik kit the but it's not something that you know they applied all the time on a regular basis and so and with him and his vietnam a military history you know i i wouldn't be surprised if you know he picked up some most men of picked up some sort of skin cancer is something especially if they were outside uh you know for extended periods of time but you know he did a you know john mccain unfortunately suffering from this claude sounds like he's home he's doing well he's got great duncan's expensive to be work by the end of the week of.

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