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Station press report mass shootings I'm only a Francis in Ohio the death toll in Dayton could have been much higher had it not been for the quick action of police jury bogland a reporter lease here say they don't know why twenty four year old Connor bets wearing a mask body armor and armed with a rifle in more than a hundred rounds of ammunition went on a shooting spree killing nine people Dayton police chief Richard bill says Betts was gunned down within thirty seconds by officers who prevented him from entering a popular bar head this individual made it through the doorway of of the net peppers with that level of weaponry they were gonna catastrophic injury it'll and loss of life hundreds of people attended a candlelight vigil last night just yards from where the nine people were gunned down Jerry bowed lander Dayton Ohio weekend shootings in Ohio and Paso Texas with the twenty first and twenty second mass killings of twenty nineteen here in the U. S. I'm only a Francis following those shootings this weekend the White House is on the defensive I'm Constantini tells why Sunday news program guestbook the couple days ahead and usually in for the trump White House there was only acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney the airwaves were otherwise filled with Democrats and that party's presidential candidates pointing fingers at president trump over his official and political rally rhetoric targeting immigrants Mulvaney on ABC's this week no politician is to blame for that responsible here are the people who pulled the trigger we need to figure out how to create the less of those kinds of people as a society and not trying to figure out who gets blamed going into the next election Mulvaney indicates the president is not open to new gun control legislation Bob Costantini Washington's military says South Korea and the U. S. are preparing to hold their annual joint military exercises despite warnings from North Korea like the drills could derail the fragile nuclear diplomacy.

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