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Hand cordelia into his arms she was dead now she's not dead he says i have no explaining left in me my legs will not hold me up i'm going to bed i go into the bedroom take off my clothes step around on the rug and climb beneath the covers then i hear a scratching at the door which opens and small footsteps cordelia climbs the little carpeted steps at the end of the bed which james bought when she couldn't jump up anymore there is still tenderness and i feel the small body curl beside me we sleep james calls the veteran we take the dog together the vet says cordelia is mostly blind and deaf and demented but she wags her tail she eat some food she puts on a good show for the vet james asks the doctor in many different ways if cordelia is quality of life is not diminished this is a code a hint he wants the vet to say maybe it is time to kill the dog i find this more upsetting than i should but the vet is cheerful and will not say the words he pretends not to understand he calls the dog madame lazarus and says it is a miracle she has returned from the dead cordelia licks my hand as we drive home a steady appreciative lick she knows the next morning james leaves again for amsterdam dubai mayor is a schedule comes to clean and make lunch.

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