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They don't like the ways that two arab the liberal way so the being proposed by the western countries but then think it's as simple as that because look what's going on in sweden where they're getting very tough very draconian laws and the driver the the big big elephant in the room is migration and the speed of migration which we which is warring this has been another place where another area which poland hungary of refuse to cooperate that that that that's exactly so and as i said eaten sweden seems to be on with its very with the very liberal noises which a coming out to evening felt from from government circles that denmark likewise and i think that this is the contradiction with seeing post brexit it's not being driven by brexit vote dumped i've i've not fixated but brexit is the occasion because while the uh uh the old status as it were led by people light ymca site now is the time to converge now is the time to come together why why we can a unified economy and so on the tendency is for for social anthropologist is it to be centro fugel eight eighth at the cracks are enormous the i was muttering tears something just we came to the stadia you watch italy next year italy looks program to have a if i could put it like this of more than unusually chaotic general election in which you've got to be very difficult to get any could sets the duly buchanan about in that country and you'll seeing divisions left and right but i am serious about this north south east and west particularly as the mediterranean's become become more difficult so this is yet another swallow under the big summit coming behind it robot something to look forward to uh all matt happy note we will take a short break you're listening to midori house with me under moeller along with florence prediman and robert folks more shortly.

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