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August weather with a string of seven degree days and overnight lows in the fifties and the common Weather Center I'm meteorologist Kristen Clark, Partly sunny and 76, now in downtown Seattle. Come on these time to 05 as we continue with 20 minutes of nonstop news. A state emergency declaration now in effect because of the heightened threat of wildfires that authorizes the use of the National Guard to help fight the blazes. Several fires have popped up in central and eastern Washington over the last couple of weeks. The Palmer fire near Orville in Okanogan County. You did nearly 6000 acres overnight people living in that area being told to evacuate immediately, The governor says some progress is being made to slow the spread of the Corona virus. But more work needs to be done. The story from comas Charlie Harder immensely, says there is modest success in Washington, and he attributes it to measures such as mask wearing and social distancing, But the case rate is still too high. He says the target is 25 cases per 100,000 were now about 110 were four times higher. Then a reasonable target where we really need to be governor is also issuing new phase guidance that allows a limited return of some activities such as museums and bowling. Charlie Harder. KOMO news. Agriculture workers in Washington state will face more widespread testing in the weeks ahead more from Kemal's Bill O'Neill. The updated requirements include broad scale testing whenever an employer sees more than nine cases among workers over a two week period, or the virus rate equals 10% of total employees. The testing must be timely and involve all employees and contractors. Those unwilling to be tested, they're not allowed to continue to work. Meanwhile, the Seattle Times reports givers farms in Okanogan County must test the entire work force following an outbreak of Koven 19 there, which has killed at least three workers below. Neil Camo NEWS. Ah, forthe Corona virus Testing site is coming to Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan set to announce the location today, but we do know it will be somewhere in West Seattle. More than 100,000 tests have been done in the first two months of the city's free testing program. The cover 19 crisis has led to some major changes in the delivery of health care, and doctors and hospital officials say many of those changes are here to stay. Dr. Daniel Craft with digital health says Telehealth has exploded but so has the care of patients who would otherwise be hospitalized. But Choose to stay home and receive the same kind of monitoring and care. They call it home, spittle or hospital at home might use these invasion with with Kobe, tracking the respiratory status and know when we might need to advance their cares of his FDR before they need an acute intubation. People get more rest, sleeping in their own bed. They start moving around quicker and go outside for fresh air and are less likely to fall in familiar surroundings. Also have support from family and even pets. It's also cost effective accelerating was coming soon, five years to now to now, and a lot of that is coming to the home. Uh, your phone on and inside our bodies. The Bureau of Health Care I OT Internet of medical things, is now writing five G in many parts of the country. Eligible patients typically are acutely ill, but don't need around the clock intensive care. For common conditions like heart failure, respiratory ailments, infections and now cove in 19. They're linked to 24 7 command centers via video and monitoring devices that send their vital signs. They get home visits from dedicated medical teams. Just like in a hospital. They compress an emergency button any time for instant health and we use his opportunity to Teo reshape and reimagine Healthcare through the sort of crisis of the Corona virus Hospital at home models had been used on a smaller scale across the country since back in the.

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