Tomlinson, Cubs, Hundley discussed on CBS Sports Radio


So here's the one to hundley only takes a strike fastball on the outside corner what ball in one strike tomlinson on deck he deals hundley caps foul third base side right over the cubs ondeck circle and it's one and two leased average right now at two fifty three but his power numbers in his rbi numbers are good here's the pitch inside he moved his feet two balls two strikes zobrist played hundley to pull off the line at versus result news the two pitch unle takes low three and two so all of a sudden the pinpoint control that you had in innings what into that white is good as it was in the first two weddings so we'll see what he does here three and two his homily even that bat back and forth now he raises ed right hand and asked for time it up it's two to to here in the fourth here's the payoff ten to hundley swinging a chopper to third brian scott it is the big hop lines and throws in time to get hundley throughout.

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