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Raucous procession of jazz musicians paraded through the neighborhood the mannequins carried by horse drawn carriage neighbors began complaining The final straw when a mannequin from the Indian owned Matt's fashion in Denver arrived says neighbor Evans shield when joy built a giant funeral pyre in our backyard and set it on fire for the cremation of that mannequin I said enough But choice Sims isn't packing town Sir hate has no home here My yard is a sacred resting place for mannequins of all things All right So there was a neighborly dispute in the news which was it from Paula pounce no neighbors in California getting upset with their neighbors for constantly throwing weddings from cristela Alonso dispute between neighbors in Italy that went all the way to the Italian Supreme Court where they decided that a flushing toilet on the other side of a wall was a human rights violation or from mo a mannequin burial ground in Little Rock that caused a lot of consternation to the neighbors which of these was the real story of a dispute between neighbors and the news Well as much as I love weddings and funerals as a pastor I think that both of those sounds a little outlandish So I am going to go with the middle one I'm going to go with number two You're going to go with Chris Stella's story of the Italian dispute with the toilet and the other side of the bedroom wall reaching the Supreme Court That's your choice Well we spoke to a reporter who covered the real story and brought it to our attention They cited basic rights that all people have and one of them is being able to sleep uninterrupted by the sound of a toilet That was Marissa yati She is The Washington Post writer reported on the Italian toilet and the human rights violation Congratulations you got it right Hey thank you so much You earned a point for Stella simply for telling a true story well and you have won our game and our prize the voice of anyone you might choose on your voicemail Congratulations Thanks so much How great it's been a lot of fun Thank you It's been fun to have me See you over coffee this Sunday See you there And now the game where people who spend decades honing their talents are asked to try something that utilizes none of them It's called not my job Brian Cox is British theater royalty with leading roles at the National Theater in the RSC Broadway and in the West End but the reason we are both very excited and a little scared to have a mom with us today is his starring role as billionaire patriarch Logan Roy on HBO's Succession He's got a new memoir of his life and career called putting the rabbit in the hat and he joins us now Brian Cox welcome to wait wait don't.

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