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Of these Stanley Cup final. We're joined in the last segment by Kenny, Albert will be on the call for Westwood One. Kenny shared with us a little bit how that story. Started out with the Saint Louis blues players, a few of them were actually at a local Philadelphia stablishment. I guess they were getting ready to play the flyers. And while that was happening. They it was before the game day before the game, they're in town and the eagles and bears are playing in their wildcard game. And when that game was happening, as you remember it was the Cody parkey doubled. And then you had Cody park, you the next day going on. Good Morning America. The today show and it was the whole sympathy card. Oh, he's the most audible player because Cody park, he missed the kick and handled it with such class. So now that we have thought or him, it was sickening watching that stuff. So few players were at a Philadelphia stabs watching that game. And this was documented NHL dot com. And they said, we got together with some friends and watch the game with the bunch of Philly guys who grew up there. They had a DJ in the bar and whenever. There was a commercial break the DJ at the bar with crank up the tunes and all these guys from Philly who are at the bar with dead up and start dancing someone that has lived in Philadelphia for the last seven years. I could see maybe a few alcoholic beverages being involved here, and they're having those fantas go, go baby and doing a little Philadelphia shimmy. That's probably what was happening so they start dancing around. They play the song Gloria a couple of times. And this one guy looked at the DJ and said Cape playing Gloria, so they kept playing it, everyone would get up and start singing, dancing, the blues players. So they just sat there and right there. They said we should start playing this lung after our wins. We won the next game. We gotta shout out a shutout, so we just kept plying it always love those hockey stories involved with it. I remember I was around the Rangers. When they went to the Stanley Cup final before they ripped my heart out and loss to the Los Angeles. Kings, even though they had two big leads in game one and two. And when I was around the Rangers covering that team during their run they would always play Maxine Nightingale song, right back where we started from and I would hear it in the locker room and then I would play it my car before every game I would have bizarre routines before they would play before they play a big game for example a game six against Montreal. Or in the first round, they took the flyers the seven games. So they had the comeback against the penguins that they were down three one and that went to a seventh game I would have a bizarre routine. I would play Maxine Nightingale's right back where we started from I would then go to the gym run on the elliptical for about forty minutes, and then I would come home, and I would watch miracle. And that would be my routine before a big game to get pumped up when the Rangers were in the Stanley Cup playoffs and we're having some success, and then I would get on a train and go into New York City and watch the games. That's what I would do cover the games and then speak to the players after the game. So nice little touch there with Gloria and the stories of the blues, we talked about Jaden Schwartz. Eleven goals in the regular season twelve in the postseason his family's had to overcome the death of Jaden Schwartz's sister, who died from cancer in two thousand eleven Pat maroon elects to Sam gonna go play for my hometown team in the Saint Louis blues. He gets the game winning goal in a game seven in the second round his kid is there in the stands crying when the kid found out that daddy scored the game winning goal last year or two years ago. You had a similar moment, not in the playoffs. But it was with Jaden Schwartz. Jaden Schwartz was Pat maroon coming home for a regular season game. And he scored a goal in the kid was actually it wasn't the kid who was crying. It was the dad, and Pat maroon, who was crying if memory serves me. Right. You've got choked up talking about his kid after the game and then with the blues, it's remarkable. Like we said earlier, the number seven nine and three when they fire Mike you Craig berbie takes over the worst team in the league in January early January now four wins away from winning the Stanley Cup final. The blues under Baru be in the regular season thirty eight nine thousand nine hundred six Craig Berube, he should have never been fired from the Philadelphia Flyers. That was another quick move. They make the playoffs one year when he takes over for Laviola. Let another flyers coach that was five that ended up getting to a Stanley Cup final throw my keyed in that mix as well. Who was with the flyers and then went on to go to a Stanley Cup with another team. Those are some that come to mind with ruby though. What he's done with this team. It's unbelievable. Then you have Bennington like we said, twenty four five and one in the regular season as a rookie goaltender absolutely absurd. And the best story of the mall is the way that this team has embraced superfan Leyla Anderson, who has a rare immune disease, and she's been so positive, and even Pat maroon after they punched their ticket to the Stanley Cup final. There was a moment where he shared with Layla Anderson and said, you're our inspiration and she's been all over the television with a big smile on her face. And it's great to see what sports can do for someone, especially in such a tough time, especially with even though there's great positively dealing with what Leyland Dixon is fighting with. It's great to see that the team in her able to have that special connection and it all started with that video, where her mom told Leyla that she was going to the game. And she was so excited and crying it was it was great to see. So hey Santa Cup finals. They get started tonight. Let me spend the second talking about Boston. And the city of Boston and what there may be able to accomplish our at another chapter two and their dynastic, Ron. And that's what it's really been ever since two thousand and one where Adam venit, Terry led by the Tom Brady drive which set up the Viteri game winning field goal. It's been championship after championship for Boston just the patriots alone. They've been to nine Super Bowls nine they've won six. They defeated the Rams. They defeated the Panthers the eagles. Then the Seahawks the falcons the twentieth two three comeback. And this past year, the Rams. They also lost to the giants twice. And the eagles that team though has been to nine Super Bowls. They've won six the Boston Bruins since two thousand one they've been to two Stanley Cup final the two Stanley Cup final. They played in were the one where they defeated Vancouver in game seven FM Hoover. And then they lost to the Blackhawks. Folks where you had that crazy end of the sequence in that final game. So they've been to two Stanley Cups. You also have the Boston Celtics go in the two MB finals both against the Lakers, one one and they lost one. And then you have the Boston Bruins breaking the curse of the great Bambino winning the World Series, two thousand four and then going on to win three other World Series. So with that, all being said, they played and the Bruins without make this, they're playing for seventeen championships since two thousand and one they've been a part of seventeen championship round games. Now they've won twelve let me see if by mass writer, I'm pretty. Oh, no. Here. Yeah, they won twelve because the pats have six Celtics have won Bruins have one and then you have the Boston Red Sox with four. So they've won twelve out of sixteen championships that look at the make it thirteen out of seventeen that's been the success in Boston. So you could be a kid that was born in two thousand and one. Or maybe if you bought a fears before two thousand one when you actually start remembering sports. And you've seen your teams if you grew up being a fan of Boston sports after tonight the start game one after game on this comes to close. You'll see your team play in seventeen championship rounds seventeen and you already got twelve parades that you've been to an chance at thirteenth. We will never see a run like this in a city ever again. We never will and the Boston Celtics are the one team. They probably have to feel the worst in the city. Because patriots when this past year, the Red Sox win this past year. The Bruins can win this past year, and even though you have Saint Louis, and they've been such a great emotional story. I, I do lean towards the Bruins in this series. I hope we go seven. I hope it goes seven, and I hope it goes to three overtime in game seven overtime and the Stanley Cup playoffs. It's not fun. When you're teams in the race. If your team's playing if you're a Bruins are blues fan overtime, it's torture. However, if your team has been eliminated, it's extremely fun. So I would love to see the series go seven. If I had to make a prediction right now. I probably take the Bruins and six I'll be very curious though. How Boston does show up in game one and you'll know a lot about this game. I don't think the game gets the site in the first period tonight. You will though no a lot about this game in the first period though, tonight because you have Boston not playing since may sixteenth where they did sweep the Carolina Hurricanes out of the Stanley Cup playoffs. That's a long lay-off. And also with Boston not only you, are you trying to accomplish winning the city that thirteen championship since two thousand and one you also have some players on that team that are looking for their second ring with the Boston Bruins you do have some of those players still around never on the last team to win a Stanley Cup final. And some of those players have been through losing one as well. So you could go from a different level in Boston, sports, and the way that you remembered inside that Bruins organization, you went one. You'll always be remembered you go when they second championship though, changes the picture a little bit and changes the way that you are remembered, and even. Uh-huh. Boston was great in the regular season. Going into the playoffs. They weren't expected to be here. The team that was expected to be here with the Tampa Bay Lightning historical season. Sixty two wins one hundred twenty something points, is one twenty eight the head. It was it was absolutely ridiculous. What they were doing and Tampa couldn't even get out of the first round where you have the Columbus, blue jackets, showing them the door. And you also had another number one seed going down as well in Calgary as Colorado did defeat them in the first round. So it's been a crazy crazy Razi. Stanley Cup Lyles. And it.

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