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She's competent. Okay, it was third in the. If I want to have a European comparison, it was third in the MSA formula championship in 2015. Of which Lando Norris was involved. He won that season. Yeah, Lando, Orlando was the winner of that season Ricky Kohler was second and he's not a super license holder. 6 in that season. I don't understand. I don't understand. Neither does, who was it? Yeah, it was Alexander Rossi put out. I think quite frankly the position that I kind of agreed with was don't blame the super license point structure. Just blame everyone else who skyrocketed with the bag of money and got into Formula One because this is the whole reason why we have it. And I don't Colton hurt her. It's fourth it is in his first race this season, 12th, 23rd, tenth, a win, 30th, 8th, 5th, 15th, second, 24th, 12th, 24th, 5th, 11th, 6th, and 11th. One of the supplementary hey how is that? And you're telling me the super license point system is mountain. Seriously. Jeez. It's the debate that won't go away because I think people are still adamant they're gonna get called and although actually that's it. I do wonder. Now I think I called it a perfectly serviceable racing driver and I think there's reason to think that the points may in the future be rewritten, but there's no doubt he doesn't qualify and the rules need to be abided by because otherwise what's the point of having them? And I know all rules are arbitrary, but also we're talking about sport, like sport is a 100% arbitrary. It only exists because we make up rules for it. So we've got to make at least follow them. Look, I've never seen a bunch of self congratulating back slapping. Sort of, oh, yeah. I get it. Oh, he's a God. He's a gun. Yeah, okay, so he finished tenth. I don't buy it. I don't buy it. I don't understand. Well, we may not need to worry about it. Any longer, maybe possibly. Depends. Maybe he'll come back up into Formula One, but I think that once Formula One gets its first, well, not its first American obviously it had many Americans, had world champion Americans, once its first American of this generation. I think the heat will come off this herder situation because even Red Bull, despite them having a barrow to push really wanting to convince the FIA and everyone else that he deserved a super license. Most of which I don't think it was a convincing argument. 'cause he's not getting one. Oh, you're not gonna get him. Oh, that's a shy, okay. Yes. Okay. If I supervise his point floor, you know, I didn't get it. But I didn't get it. So the thing, but even all the arguments were mostly about how good it would be to have an American driver, not necessarily about why the point system was broken or whatever. It was mostly just about how commercially beneficial it'll be. But by that token, I think by the time we get an American driver, they're not arguing won't necessarily translate anymore because it will already have one. And it seems like old might Logan sergeant might be getting close to getting that promotion. Now he's the American who is going through the F one approved route. The super license approved brood. That said though, he's a Williams reserve driver, by the way, and Williams boss Jos capito said that he's ready for F one, except he needs the super license. Oh, they are going to end. Yes, he'll only know if you'll have one at the last round of formula two because he is currently going to get one. He's, I think, fourth in the standings, but if you finish his 5th or 6th lower, something like that, which you could do, then he won't get one. And Jack doolin is one of the drivers who might demote him by the way. But the problem is that the last round of formula two is Abu Dhabi, the last round of the Formula One season, which is also months away, which means that no one can make that decision, presumably. Unless I want to take an absolute oh no, you'd sign options. Surely, so if you wanted to go, let's say Logan sergeant. Someone's an option. And it's only activated once he obviously qualifies for a super license. And Jack Dylan would do the same or anyone else would quite frankly. So that's how I think you would get around that situation. You would hedge your bets on an educated guess that one of the drivers will be qualified. Then that's something that I don't think is on unreasonable. I don't. I don't understand the hyperbole of I actually call me controversial, but I like the fact that we actually, so you're telling me that it's between, let's say, for example, is between Logan Sarge and Jack Dillon, for example. Logan sergeant has a mountain to climb to ensure that he has to finish 5th or above to secure a super license. That is a great story. That it makes it interesting. I don't want to, I don't want someone coming on the grid because a whole bunch of IndyCar people got a bit strappy about their super lice and allocation. And because he's got an American flag. For me, having Logan sergeant get in there because he's just, he's just everything that he's needed to do to get super license points. If he doesn't get it, then it's bad luck. And if he does get it, then he'll be absolutely elated because it's, yeah, it makes it. It makes someone signing a piece of paper far more interesting than what it should be, is what it is. Oh, yes. Imagine a Netflix recreation. When they have to have someone signing a piece of paper, they might be tensioned in that episode. I mean, goodness knows the championship's got no attention. No, necessarily not. So literally, it's the only thing that people just love to get in rides the better something. And for me, the whole super license thing is blowing air proportion because it's a structure of the system that's there. It's like people who complain about speed cameras. They're not great. Yep, it sucks when you get one in the mail. But let's face it. You got to do something. So just don't spade because the answer gets super awesome sports. Very simple. It's a good message. Good misses for everyone involved, I think. So that will be an interesting one to watch eventually. That's the annoying thing here, actually, is that we can't actually watch it for another two months or something like that. And it'll only be one weekend in which you can watch it. But it also means that Jack doohan is in the frame here. And I think Jack dunes pretty much certainty of the super license as I understand it. I think if I've done the maths correctly, I think that is the case anyway. And he's still in the frame for Alpine where they've talked about having upwards of 20 drivers on their short list which is incredible considering how few people actually want to sign. Okay, McLaren. They've all already got McLaren contact. Unfortunately, one of them could be their junior driver Jack doohan, or alternatively, Jack tuan, if they can't put old mate American Logan Sargent in Williams, could do the job that Oscar piastre was meant to do and go to Williams for a year and then go maybe to Alpine or inevitably to McLaren. Yeah. And yeah, just what's his name from Alpine. Rossi will just be like, well, this is the good old fashioned way. And he'll be so smart about it. He will talk about it so much. About, yeah, check doing it the right way. I don't think there is a right or wrong way about it, but yeah, it would be an initiation for him and probably a good thing because let's be honest. He doesn't have the same high per se Oscar pierce who does in terms of so a year or two or three Williams isn't the worst thing in the world

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