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Position. Number five Albert pools. This one made no sense. He was a great player was Saint Louis. You know, he batted three hundred or better every year in Saint Louis, but they signed him when he was old. And now he's thirty nine he'll be over forty one at the end of his contract. He's hit over three hundred one year with the angels. And he's hurdle the time. So this is they're getting to the end of this deal. But this deal didn't make any sense when they signed it. He was past his prime yet one or two great years laughed. I think the angels were trying to grab some market share. It was just a bad contract. Number four. A gal Cabrera's is worse. Eight years two hundred and forty eight million though yoy under contract for five more years. He missed most last year with an injury currently thirty five in the past three seasons. Mr. home run hitter. Hit nineteen home runs. Total. Baseball's got some bad contract and baseball the contracts are long, this is as bad. Don't get me wrong. There was about six years. You would have paid this guy anything. They just picked the wrong time to give him the contract number three Jon Gruden without a league for that gate raiders went foreign twelve. They appear to be kind of making it up as they go nine years left on the deal a hundred million dollar deal longest biggest coaching contract ever in by the west one of the poorest NFL teams. So they they they have no leverage with him. Now, he has said if he doesn't get it down. He'll get the money back. He did offer of that. But I I just don't think that somebody that's out of a sport for ten years should come in any business and set records for the highest compensation number two John wall. Now, the reason his contract is worse than Russell Westbrook. Westbrook's better player and Westbrook at least. Plays John's hurt four years one hundred and seventy million of the stories now, he's not gonna play next year. So I mean, I can say what I want about Westbrook. But Westbrook's giving you the effort Westbrook's plan now, the sports moving away from Westbrook. But John wall is now he just had an awful injury another surgery. So he's gonna come back and not be the same player. Play thirty two games this year, forty one games last year. It's as bad an NBA contract as the sport has right now. Number one Jacoby ellsbury.

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