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I was herring. It really confirmed. What we really looking forward to Geiger is currently out on bail. Her attorney called the indictment politically motivated as she knows. She's innocent. She knows that. This was a tragic mistake. Allison John wants to former officer to tell the truth. Chance to come clean absolutely during the trial. She still has a chance to come clean. The murder charge carries a punishment of up to ninety nine years in prison in the case will be tried by the newly elected district. Attorney trial is not expected to start for at least another year. Jeff. Okay. Omar. Thank you very much world leaders began their economic summit in Argentina today under tight security as thousands of protesters took to the streets. The demonstration was mostly peaceful inside the conference the Saudi Crown prince and Russian President High five each other. But not President Trump the sudden chill among some leaders made for a few awkward moments. Major Garrett is at the g twenty in Buenos Aires. President Trump avoided both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown prince Mohammad bin Salman at the ceremonial G twenty photo today tensions with both leaders just one distraction in Argentina for their part Putin and the crown prince appeared to get along famously shaking hands enthusiastically, the White House said Mr. Trump and bin Salman under fire for the killing of journalist Jamal kashogi had a brief encounter with a quote exchanged pleasantries moments later, reporters.

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