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We've seen a few tracks be able to conduct racing without spectators of course during this corona virus shutdown. We'll Santa Anita soon be one of them after the break. We'll tell you how officials they are trying to make it happen. Welcome back to win. The Gate as of this recording only a handful of tracks in the United States have been able to conduct horse racing of any kind oaklawn Gulfstream despite the opposition of the vice mayor of Hallandale Beach. Where the track is located Tampa Fonterra Park in Nebraska Remington Park and Oklahoma and low Salam Mito sneer Anaheim California low? Sal has been running racist with no spectators. Both thoroughbreds and quarter horses have appeared in these races. Santa Anita had continued to run races for two weeks after most of the world shut down on March eleventh and Twelfth then on Friday March twenty seventh as preparations were being made to start the day's card the Los Angeles County Health Department abruptly stopped said Anita's racing operations. The Department allowed morning training to continue but racing in the afternoon then came a report last week. By the website horse racing nation that Santa Anita officials might try to transfer some of its race states to Los alamitos the article quoted a statement from the thoroughbred owners of California which said that Orange County where Los Alameda is located continues to treat both racing and training as an essential activity now. It appears that the low south scenario will not be happening so options are there for Santa Anita to try to get back up and running for that. We welcome back to win the Gate Art Wilson. Who writes about the sport for the Southern California News Group which includes the newspaper? The San Gabriel Valley Tribune. So what happened with the proposed transfer of dates from Santa Anita to Los Alamitos? Well you know Barry. I'm not quite sure who initiated those talks but in talking to Jack Liebau the vice president of Los Alamos He indicated to me that there were never any substantial talks that it never really got to the serious stage and There had been no substantial talks and there were none to be scheduled in the future and He told me that on the record and then also told me Any switch from the dates from Santa Anita too low. Sal was not going to happen and that's a direct quote and then of course. I talked to a few other people who gave me a little bit more that we're familiar with what was going on. But they wanted to speak off the record because they weren't authorized to speak about it first of all. I hope your social distancing from those I can hear in the background. What kind of racing is happening? Now at Los Al Right now you have the Quarter horse racing which You know they have that Friday through Sunday nights three nights a week and then once in a while they'll have like four and a half furlong races which have the like the very cheap claiming horses twenty five hundred dollars climbers now Saturday night. They added five. Eight hundred. Seventy Yard races for thoroughbreds. They're open to both thoroughbreds and quarter horses But in these five races on Saturday night there were only thoroughbreds. Who entered an eight hundred? Seventy yards is just a TAD shorter than four. And a half for long. You can have quarter horses and thoroughbreds racing against each other in a sanctioned race. As long as it's eight hundred seventy yards yes. Why wouldn't Dr? Edward allred the owner of low sal. Want these dates from Santa Anita. If he could get them with a chance for some found money well what one source told me and this was off the record but he said. I could use it. If I didn't name who was. There was basically to people who went off the record for two different reasons why this isn't going to happen. Number one is in the past. San Anita has tried to deny los Alamos racing dates. They have three meets a year. Los Alameda and they're usually anywhere from two weeks to three weeks in length and Santa Anita wants those dates. They don't think Los Alamos should have them. They don't have a turf course Blah Blah Blah. And so that's one the number the second reason is that And going back to the first reason berry is what the person told me is why would also? Alameda does want to do a favor to owners who were trying to take away dates from them. That's number one number. Two is Alameda is in the process of trying to just have self preservation. They don't want the spotlight coming down on them with the Orange County health board with the racing and so they're just trying to stay in the background. You know not too much spotlight or attention on them so they can continue their quarterhorse. Flash thoroughbred need at night a recent report on the blood horse website states that said Anita officials are as of this recording trying to arrange a meeting with La County health officials to convince them to allow racing to resume without spectators as of this recording. Where does that efforts stand? As far as I know the meeting is supposed to take place on Saturday this coming Saturday and Aidan Butler. Who was the acting? Head of strategy groups? California Racing Division has now been gone on record as saying. I'M NOT GONNA take no for an answer so Santa. Anita is continuing to press the La County Health Board to let them over you open wrestling the Alameda Health Board to let Golden Gate Reopen. But then I also read and I've also heard that the La County Health Board is holding firm that nothing's going to be held until may fifteenth at the earliest so. I think that the Saturday meeting is going to be key and personally. I'm not real optimistic. That the health boards going to give in. But we'll see anything can happen. I Guess Art Wilson of the Southern California newspaper Group joins us here on the gate Santa. Anita officials are arguing that it takes fewer people to pull off a race in the afternoon than it does to train horses in the morning which is still permitted if this meeting. We're talking about actually takes place. What chance do you think there is that the La County Health Department puts a ban on training rather than allowing racing very ups? The puzzling part about this all. Because I've heard that in the mornings there's at least a thousand people right around that number with the horses and when they have the afternoon racing there's about one tenth that many people so it doesn't make any sense to allow the training and then not allow the racing and Santa Anita Management has bent over backwards. Everyone's wearing masks their social distancing. They have hand sanitizers everywhere. So they're trying to show the county health board. Hey it doesn't make any sense to ban afternoon racing and allow the training to go on in the morning especially when the backstretch workers health plan and healthcare all depends on the live betting the money that is Game by the afternoon racing. That's all been shut off. And so the backstretch workers or they're in grave danger right now. Well let's step back for a minute here when you talk about those backstretch workers. How is the cove nineteenth situation at Santa Anita as of this recording? No one has tested positive. It's an Anita so the cloven nineteen virus and. That's another puzzling issue. You know I know that a worker I believe the backstretch worker at Belmont. Park dusted positive. A couple of weeks ago and died Santa Anita no one has tested positive for the virus and I also believe that no one up at Golden Gate. Fields has tested positive for the virus. So that's another puzzling aspect. I haven't talked to one person in the industry who doesn't believe strongly that some certain animal rights groups have played a big part in Santa Anita. Getting shut down. I can't even start to get into that. I have nothing substantive on which to go but I will ask this del. Mars beloved summer meat is scheduled to start on July eighteenth. Now we're still over three months away from that of course but the question is at what point before the start of the meat. Do you think decisions need to be made. Most importantly about whether trainers should crank up their horses to be ready to run their. Yeah that's a good question. I mean I was GONNA get in contact for a future column either this week or next week with Joe Harper out of Del. Mar and talk to him about that. I would think just off the cuff. At least a month six weeks where decision we would have to be made on that you know right now. Things are are looking a little bit better. As far as the whole country goes with this New York which was the epicentre. The numbers are starting to show a positive side. So I'm not sure really. I would have to ask Joe Harper that but certainly what you say bury the the horsemen need an to know. Hey we're GONNA ship there or not you know. And they have that ship and wind program from horses out of state a lot of times. Come in and you know. Get a bonus for if they haven't had their most recent race in California so that's kind of a another whole can of worms dealing with the del Mar situation. Well we are glad that you are safe and healthy art Wilson. Thank you so much for bringing us up to date here. The beat goes on as this shutdown continues at any time..

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