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January Joe DiMaggio. Newsradio ten twenty. Katie. K a woman's body was found under a bridge in larimer this morning. Pittsburgh police are investigating the area of Washington boulevard under Larimore avenue bridge. The body was discovered behind an auto body shop employees called nine one one. No other information has been released the man accused of causing nearly twenty one thousand dollars in damage after allegedly spraying or spray painting avant-garde Trump's name on local buildings has been arrested. Katie KYW ATV reports police have a photo of Trayvon Kinan. That shows him holding a bottle of spray paint. He is accused of tagging multiple buildings in the east end, including the Carnegie library, and several churches. Urban redevelopment authority is considering sixty three unit apartment complex near the garden theatre on the north side. Three buildings were recently demolished near the historic building that you are a board will vote tomorrow on selling the now empty lots to trek development and QA development for just under one hundred ten thousand dollars post gazette reports the seventeen point seven million dollar plans for the five story building include housing and retail space along west north avenue as well as restoration of nearby buildings included in the deal. We'll just after a federal judge sentenced Paul Manafort to seventy three months in prison for crimes stemming from the Russia probe CBS's. Steven Portnoy reports the Manhattan District Attorney announced a new indictment against him. The New York indictment if it results in a conviction assurance that Paul Manafort will be punished in state court, even if he's pardoned by President Trump the cases in federal court involved manafort's illegal lobbying work for pro Russian officials in Ukraine along with.

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