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That's part of the job. And if you can't do that then then then you won't succeed as well as so. You need this amazing skill set which is hard to develop that. It's hard but it's eventually if you if you ended up leaving academia it's highly valued by employers out there even though they might not know that if you ask them like you said. Do you employ peach these or do you hire. Pc's they won't know how to answer but if you ask. Do you want someone who knows. This knows that is capable of doing this. Has this personality trait. They'll say yes right away for sure and I think the part of teaching is giving teaching is giving students the confidence to say. I you know I. I'm not sure I know how to do it but I wanNA have a try and I think that's that's what we need to do as a teacher and I won't even comment on that or rephrase it. I totally agree and and uh I wish I hope teachers out there are think like you because again especially considering that a lot of students are living with anxiety etc and they're only or one even like. I was here in Canada my family's in Portugal in my my father figure. Let's say in a way and you know when your supervisor has your your success in your fulfillment in in Europe world champions new champions you in a way it bolsters you and it gives you that confidence to go forward. I think this is the right point. Actually too because you've given a lot of you know told a lot of great stories and given a lot of inspiring incites but given the Tweeden now reaching the end of the interview and based on all this we said if there are people out there making the stock doc moving their PhD. Who are thinking. I'll tenure maybe is not ten years maybe not materializing in my my losing my time by doing this or am I throwing all my pg to the garbage. If I go to industry what two or three pieces of advice do you have for them to know to keep their their baird pointing north in go in going full steam to finish to defend and then to create that piece of art that their career is going to be hard to give advice? Because when when you give advice makes it look like you worked it all out and one thing that I'm realizing is you never worked out? So so it's always hard to give. It is with vices. If I'm an elder wise elder because I'm still figuring it out myself maybe that's part of the advice is that you'll always be figuring it out yourself but but but as I said before we experimentalist the only way to know whether you can lie is survive and when you right so maybe you'll get right and you'll always get better so I can get up on stage and give a talk but I still spend a lot of time preparing because I can always get better and And my writing can still always get better so but you only do that by by by having the coverage to try you need to step out of your comfort zone and try and so for example in my lab. I wonder when students are GonNA think they're listening to make they're gonNA think he's everyone thinks he's great but he's not really like that. He's a difficult supervisor. Difficult father and all these things so I get all by but I I really do try but I do say to my student some projects in my lab that that we do things that I don't know how to do and they find it very turbine because it would be nice if I said I know how to do that and I'm like I don't want to do things I know how to do because analogy them. I want to do things I don't know today. That's what makes good science. And that was what makes life more interesting so So that just means that. The coaches say. I'm going to do things I don't know how to do which is hard to say and to do but actually makes life much more fun and I think makes for Batta Science. I don't want every paper coming out of my lap tree. Look the same because we've done that. So so sir I think I think you gotTa have the guts to try and most of the a lot of the trying his actually lowest because you're GonNa get a PhD at the end so If you've done some science communication or you got up on stage or will you've Tried to teach even if it's just a high school student who comes to lab or you've given a talk at your local church whatever. It is about stem cells. Or whatever whatever it that you do all those they will all be part of your training and I think the other thing. I really feel strongly about this. Art and dance is is not to say. That's my work. The science work and then and then there's all the it's all part of who you are so you know I'm talking to you now is this. Is this work or playing well and some bit of everything the the boundaries are not always Clinton. But you need to. You need to be able to try. You need to be never scared to do things that you don't have to. That's how you turn a great way to end the interview. Yup I would like to add some data science. Which is I want to thank you because I I really like what you're doing and I and I'm because I'm as said I. I'd like to keep trying to do things I don't know how to do so. I'm just in the process of launching my own podcast so I've been listening very carefully to you. I think he's doing a great job. Really like what you're doing and it's inspiring. They'll be lots of science related podcasts. So as is is going to be called the lonely pipette or or the London pet. We work that way is Piper to repent so and it's going to be helping scientists to do better science excellent. I'm going to keep a neurotic for that for sure. Do you know when it's going to watch it so I have a little time at home. So we we recording the first ones now so hopefully when we come out of confinement we'll have the first packet package ready to excellent. I'll make sure to to share something whenever you launch and then to to listen. I'm super interested in in what that's going to be. Is there any? If someone's listening ends at I'd really love to chat with Jonathan. What's the best the best way to reach to reach? You would be Lincoln so so late in is. I'm very active in Lincoln The easiest way to find me is sir twitter so my twitter is a epigenetics so the French spelling so we didn't talk about epigenetics. But that's something we could spoke of a two hour episode epigenetics disarming them very excited about and very excited about how epigenetics is communicated to the public. So My my twitter name is EPA genetic Or you can find me on Lincoln so those are the two platforms that I'm I'm using at the moment. Perfect I will put that in the show notes and I'm thinking back. Maybe there's a couple of things that I can put in there to the Ted talk and other things Jonathan thank you so much for your time. This was such a pleasure. I'm really Shanty by all the projects that you talked about in in especially seeing that. They're really focused on the students and on their their interests on bolstering them on preparing them. For for what comes after it. It's really it's really Touching and I just wish you success in all your current projects and all the future ones that you might have including the podcast David if you enjoy the insights shared on the show each week and would like to dig deeper into some of the subjects covered. You can now join the Papa Peachy Postgraduate Career Exploration Group. On facebook there you will find like minded listeners but also a few of the guests will be taking part in the.

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