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One thirty seven just west of Milwaukee, Antioch. Route eighty three at route one seventy three and in Bartlett Newport boulevard at devan avenue now on the north side of Chicago Pearson at north Ashland avenue. There's a level one has met for a carbon monoxide leak that's in the sixteen hundred block of west Pearson. So watch out for emergency crews on the scene in that location. The Stevenson, and we have a couple of issues out there two right lanes are blocked with an accident outbound at State Street. So it's stop and go as soon as you get onto the Stevenson and the inbound side at Lamont road, an earlier accident just moved out of the way. The Edens lake cook to Montrose, twenty four minutes outbound side is clear. Kennedy twenty two up to the. The junction forty to the airport. The inbound side forty seven from here into downtown thirty to win from the junction. The Eisenhower fifty five minutes out to Mannheim. Slow from Damon the Mannheim an hour in nine all the way out to three ninety in from Thorndale back to the old post office. That's gonna cost you an hour. Thirty seven minutes from Mannheim on in as I said, the Stevenson has that accident on the outbound side eight is an hour to the tri-state in our twelve out to three fifty five year slow central then picks up a little, but then you're tight from first to cast and on the Dan Ryan thirty seven minutes out to ninety five ninety six back into the circle a thirty minute trip. Also delays on the Bishop Ford. Just had a few minutes to each direction of your trip. Lake shore drive either way between Hollywood and Monroe. Well, that's a twenty minute commute for personalized traffic on demand. Get the Traffix Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts of team hockberg just search T R A F F, I X Chicago. And this report sponsored by credit karma. Get your truly free credit scores and free credit monitoring. From credit karma today. Download the credit karma app. Now credit karma. Here's to progress. I'm John desalvo WGN.

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