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Telling you, it's right here. If I had a mic, I would drop it. Yeah, that's what we're all taught. I mean, listen, everyone loves the games, but you and I know that the people that sit in chairs like we sit in, that's what we're watching. Sure. And watching these two you're right and push comes to shove and we've seen this act before. That's what you're getting. What does it mean that Jimbo knocked him off? I know that's not a direct core to Kirby. But it is, it shows there's blood dropping. I mean in the past in the past people might have taken some encouragement from that. But there's been blood in the water since Florida had them on the ropes. Again. Because for a fact should be another studio because they were sitting near him, but jumbo, when these two teams met in 2017, he was pulling for Nick Saban. Not that he cared about one another national chamber. He didn't want Kirby to be the first guy. Well, that's good for Jim bow. Let's give him a participation award because he hasn't won anything yet, and he still makes $9 million a year and all he's got is a participation award for beating an Alabama team. Florida should have beaten Nick Saban. I could have called a better play than a draw at the goal line, Dan Mullen, and I mean, good grief. I mean, so he's the first to win. That's good. The Texas a and M fans can feel great about it. That's wonderful. Are they pretty good? They're gonna play the SEC championship? No, but hey, we beat Nick Saban. Okay, that's good. Go get your drink, standing in the corner. Because the main attraction is going to be Georgian, Alabama, in the SEC championship game, Kirby's had these guys on the ropes before. This year, he's got the front 7 and the dogs to get it done. It comes down to players and give Alabama credit. They've had great players making great plays in big moments. These guys are the ones doing that now. And this group right here, Paul, they're not intimidated. They're not psyched out. They've been in the top 5 four straight years again, another day at the office in Athens. We expect Georgia to win these football games. And so the odd makers, by the way, the line is what 23 points over the number 11 team in the country? There is no one like my Griffith and we certainly love having him on Mike. Thank you. We kid around, but nobody can do what you have just got through doing. We appreciate it very, very much. Outstanding. For those of you on radio, we will be right back. You are listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Kirby smart joining us a few minutes. Laura Rutledge before we get to, I want to get your reaction because you covered so much of Don's daily. I mean, that was a remarkable moment there in Colombia. Yeah, it was. Here's the thing about Don staley. I think when we look back on just coaches throughout college athletics, she's going to be remembered as one of the greatest when her career is over and I'm saying that as somebody that she's going to have an extensive career beyond now, but just even the history that's already happened for her, the remarkable moments that she continues to be a part of. I am so impressed. And she's one of my favorite coaches to cover to watch. I think it's just amazing to see what she has accomplished and what continues to happen for that program. We'll have her in her dog champ who visited me a couple of weeks ago on the champ. I heard the champ wants to be your pen pal, but you I don't know if you've responded yet. You have too many other pen pals. I have a lot of dogs, dog Friends. Yeah. You know what? It's funny. Sometimes people ask me, is Paul is Paul fine but I'm like a nice person. Like, no, he's absolutely not. Unless you're a dog. In that case, he will love you. He will kiss you. Your moments with dogs have been borderline inappropriate like borderline PG-13 moments. Yeah, there was one, I do regret, and it happened right here. It was a Tennessee Georgia game and I've apologized to smoky. I was a very nice. As you have seen firsthand, smokey and I have an awkward relationship. Yeah, well, Paul, it's really cool. I got a price I said, smokey, get out of the way. You're like, I'll give this is my favorite dog. I know, I love smokey, so beautiful. It's beautiful, too. The thing is, it's rare for you to have an awkward relationship. So I don't know how that happened. But Bluetooth are a little bit different. Let me put it that way. So the dog pound association of America doesn't come after me. Oh boy. Yeah, you can't yourself in trouble already today. We're like, what, two minutes into this, we're already in trouble? Every week. We're like, they're like, oh no, what are they gonna do this? Well, I had a ESPN actually here's a retired executive. So I'm not really a little bit concerned what he thinks. But he was texting me during our segment last week saying get back to football. And I'm like, that's not what we do. Also, we talk so much football. I mean, sometimes everyone just needs a little break. I talk football all day long with you. People just don't we just can't share those moments in those texts. Because as we wouldn't be good for either one of us. So we're here on the campus of the university of Georgia. The number one team in the country. I mean, it's hard to wrap your arms around that. It's not if you watch Georgia play. And this is what I think is really impressive. I mean, look, here's the reality. Something needed to happen elsewhere. You needed Alabama to get knocked off. But Georgia has the most impressive unit in college football, which is their defense. And so, therefore, a complete team on the other side too. Sets and Bennett does not get enough credit. All this conversation he was a fourth. I thought he was the third. Oh, well, yeah. I mean, there have been three others before him. Maybe some others before that. You never know. I want to meet those other steps in that now let's find him. What a name. I love it. But it is remarkable what he's done. And what they've.

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