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The candy topi at one as the late eight stay bjorn la as it hatches out issues with the city traffic from the helpful socal honda traffic center now we're taking a look at the 405 in long beach on the south 405 at fell far boulevard it's the scene of someone who i got a flat tyre right in the middle traffic lanes to their starting the traffic break right around lakewood boulevard for all the lastsecond definitely see some slowing their right around lakewood boulevard looking at the one 34 afric dot com presents jeff rfk eyeinthesky border wall pretty good reports coming up a couple of things so that don't become of a bigger problems first eastbound what 34 as your fast for two as a matter of fact affected one of the transitions uh the eastbound the transition north to cheese what 34 anyways couplet gravel trucks there one is in the gore point one to the shoulder it is causing some slowing so just be careful but other than that glendale into past it's a good trip and going the other way pass it fascinating over troves burbank even all of as a pretty good shape i'd north five b gold saved free way at the one ten niro saco parkway against the right shoulder stuff it's a rate kokkola truck actual at the hooked up to a tow trucks a little slow around for me still a after that a good drive to burbank in a wreck call have wrecked up jeff far kfi this guy in hawthorn pesky asan at one of five west at crenshaw boulevard they ended up having to block the carpool lane when the tow trucks got there so it still pretty heavy for you from the 110 on the westend 105 kfi in this guy helps get you there faster and robbing banks this hour of the bill handel show is powered by unicom global unicom global.

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