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What's the Tanger outlets. They're up north in Delaware. Well, at least you got a deal on it did, and I got this thing, and I came outside and the wind's howling. And I'm like don't feel any win. This is fantastic. Yes. Marshall. Bring it on bring on the weather. That's what I'm thinking. Is it waterproof? It is not. So I better stay out, the rain or what? So you're going back and you're going to get another one. This one is going to be waterproof. Because here it comes. So with each progressive model run over the last twenty four hours we were seeing more and more beginning to show up now on Thursday. There's high pressure in the region, but mother nature and buying it. So we're looking at the chance in the afternoon of a little bit of everything quite honestly, some stowed freezing rain changing over into rain back into freezing rain, it's going to be a little band that comes through. So not everybody gets it tomorrow. But there is a chance you could see this even during the afternoon commute tomorrow. So a high of thirty seven it's going to be another chilly one tomorrow. We're still well below average for this time of the vehicle seventy one. And then on Friday, you're gonna find another round of rain that is going to be really really heavy that continues into Saturday and Sunday. So this is why you're going back, and you're getting waterproof jacket as well. I think what I'll do is. Because it's. About to be more cold than it is. You know, wet rainy kind of thing, I probably will just use an unbrella the next few days that'll be cheaper than buying a I guess a whole nother jacket. But thank you Marshall..

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