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This is balance of power in Bloomberg television and a radio. I'm David Weston. A big issue in this year's election is going to be how we vote, and for that matter how we're going to find out the results. We call it counting the votes and we'll be doing a serious reports on election procedures around the country, particularly in the battleground states. Today we look at North Carolina where President Trump is heading just today. Welcome. Now a key official in the election process for the state. He's David Circosta and his chair of the North Carolina State Board of Elections, the body responsible for overseeing the elections and certifying results of Mr Circosta. Thank you so much for joining us. First of all, for those of us who are more familiar with secretary of State doing this sort of thing. Explain what the North Carolina State board elections is. What do you do? I had the power to oversee elections in North Carolina is given to aboard. The board is appointed by the governor in upon recommendations by the two major political parties, So there's five of us. We work together to make sure that the election is secure, accessible, safe, etcetera. Now, as I understand it, it's meant to be a bipartisan board that you can't have more than two members of the five from any given party s. Oh, it's correct Bipartisan. Although I saw overnight you lost a couple of Republicans securely lived with Democrats what happened there? We did. All five of us took a vote to make some common sense changes to our election procedures in light of the Koven 19 pandemic. After we voted unanimously to do that, those two members, I guess, had some regrets and decided to resign over that. Nevertheless, the governor Ah, I'm hopeful receive recommendations from the Republican Party soon and we'll get to new members in there and we'll keep plugging right along. Administering elections. Well, some partisanship is coming into so many elections around the country this year. What if you don't get the Republicans? Can you go ahead and act with just the Democrats? Well, we certainly have a quarter of the board to act. It would be my preference. Tohave Mohr voices at the table. But the election administration at the state level is also undergirded by 100 County election boards, and all of them are bipartisan in nature as well. So we've got plenty of Republicans, plenty of Democrats all looking to make sure that everything is fair in safe and accessible. So so a CZ. We look forward to the election process here. One of the issues I think that the divided your board was what happens if you have to sort of cure If I can use that word, fix up mail in ballots that really weren't done quite the right way. What is the issue there? And what is the challenge with male about you've already got, like a million requested right? Yes, certainly would we're seeing in North Carolina is Mohr absentee built by mail requests and we ever have before. Usually we get about 4% of our voters choosing this way to vote, and now we've got over a million requested and anticipate 30 to 50% of our voters choosing to vote by mail. Question is, How do you make sure that that voter can have confidence that their ballot is voted by them in the way in which we've done that traditionally is by having a witness sign the outside container envelope along with the voter. And that will remain the same process that we use in 2020, however, there sometimes when balance come back where the witness signature is missing, or the address of the witness is missing, And then the question is, how do we make sure to count that ballot? So what we'll do is we'll take up some follow up steps will send the voter herself on affidavit. They have to attest under penalty of perjury that the ballot they synthesis about they want counted. And we'll go ahead and authenticate that with our bipartisan county Board of elections and prepared for tabulation. There's a report actually on the bluebird just today that in fact, in North Carolina that the number of absentee ballots rejected for African Americans is higher. It's was something like 4%. And for others. Is that your experience? And if so, do you know why? Well, I You know, I didn't see that same report and we are concerned because we want to make sure that voting is accessible and secure for everyone. My supposition is that Traditionally, African Americans have used our absentee vote by mail process in lower numbers, and so the newness of this process might have caught up with some some more of those voters and others. The good news is we're going to make sure your ballot counts in this cure process in which we just Remedied the other day. We'll make that better for all voters. African American, another wife. One of the things that we're focusing on all around the country is what this might do in terms of delaying result gives a sense of your deadlines for when you have to get your ballot when you have to get it in when it gets counted. Well, so the good news in North Carolina is we start doing everything to authenticate your ballot if it's absentee vote by mail, five weeks ahead of the election, So every week board of Elections members in the county's get together in a bipartisan fashion, make sure that all these ballots that are coming into us are authenticated and ready to go. We will then do everything to prepare them for tabulation. Then tabulate them on Election Day. So in North Carolina on Election Day, you'll see the vast majority of votes already tabulated..

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