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Or i think she was off may happen to specific behavioral patterns within us. They produce pacific biochemicals in our brains now if we would. Let's just rename this two hour. Let's say personal cocktail in our brain where we do that quite often. We get used to it. It is possible to detox from drama queen. Behavior take some education. Take some self awareness. They're wonderful methods out there. How you can speed up this process and you don't need to sit and talk and do and work on yourself ten years it's really in the speedy world. There are many things that you can achieve in a very short amount of time that is fundamental so really just only can invite you inspire you with my whole heart work on yourself because when you invest in yourself it's the greatest investment that you can ever do and you will have the greatest return on investment as well. Yeah absolutely one hundred percent agree with that. We today as little conversation about drama. Queens has helped you guys out there whether it's a realize ation that maybe you do it a little bit all. Maybe you're round people that are doing it. We just want to bring a win as to. This is a concert and something that we both see throughout life. So let us nar. Has this helped you. what do you think. Are you ready to admit that. Maybe your a drama queen some of the time. Yes and maybe you realize oh well. Actually i see that now. The person that. I'm observing that i'm with or that i'm surrounded by. I think they have a tendency so send them our way. We can help them. Listen to our podcast and you can sign up for the workshops. We have a global program going on for different time zones one forest trailer one for europe century europe and one for the us and just really learn how you function when you understand how you operate then you will be so glad to stop enabling others how they operate with you because they can do whatever they want..

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