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Percent and ninety two percent respectively the addition of sodium sulfate administered six hours after sis platinum chemotherapy resulted in a lower incidence of sis platin induced hearing loss among children with standard risk hypolito blast oma without jeopardising overall or event free survival durable remissions with ivo sitting in idea h one mutated relapsed or refractory am l by courtney denardo from the university of texas md anderson cancer center houston mutations in the gene encoding h one occur in six to ten percent of patients with acute myeloid leukemia am l this phase one dose escalation and dose expansion study assess the safety and efficacy of ivo sydney monotherapy an oral targeted small molecule inhibitor of mutant idea h one in two hundred fifty eight patients among patients with relapsed or refractory aml treatment related adverse events have great three or higher that occurred in at least three patients were prolongation of the q t interval in seven point eight percent of the patients the idea differentiation syndrome in three nine percent anemia into point two percent thrombosis subpoena or a decrease in the platelet count in three point four percent and leukocyte osas in one point seven percent in the primary efficacy population the rate of complete remission or complete remission with partial humidity logic recovery was thirty point four percent the rate of complete remission was twenty one point six percent and the overall response rate was forty one point six percent the median durations of these responses were eight point two months nine point three months and six point five months respectively transfusion independence was attained in thirty five percent of.

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