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Late nights is working with Don, and Brody has definitely made me a better comic is definitely made me more valuable in the improv sense, being able to spit something out and be funny, you know, like when Brody plays with me on stage that makes me better at being funny just in the moment. Yeah, I tell everyone that you wanna get better as a comic work with better comics you. I mean, that's got me. More accelerated was. Working with people riding on the end bags, talk show, you know, I wasn't nearly ready to be in a room, some of the caliber of Ian, but it made me get better. So I try to surround myself with people. I find the funniest which is to me, it's you, it's regained Grimm. It's Jason Tibo. Go along list on bears Brody Stevens. I mean, all these guys are collectively people I go to for anything. If I wanna go talk to and just to shoot the shit. But then when I'm hanging out with them, I can see how we connect together and then I can be how I can be funnier like things that they do like Tebas very smart about how to improv then. I mean, he's taught me a lot about that which is basically learning how to be wet. What is the funny in what you're saying? And you have to listen to with improv. I mean, that's what they teach in the ground rings lesson. Yes, and you know, and, and you know, but improv at the comp. Store late nights. It's not the groundlings. No, definitely not. But I mean, it helps you listen to the audience when you are at the red iguana and. Teal on, you know, you'll maybe someone heckles you and you know, listen, you know, and wait the beats and then get get them. What's the most rewarding thing in my career? So far at the comedy store, at least I've had really great. That's really good sets each room. But the most warnings two sets with Brody were I've just knocked it out of the park with some things I've done with them and hearing a whole packed room, laugh at a joke that you came up with in the comedy stores really is just a reward. Well, it's just not monetary. But yeah, I mean, if you do comedy in Los Angeles for monetary reasons, you'll quit after about two months, like there's no money and stand up in Los Angeles, you know, in the in the early part of your career your, I mean, I was driving to San Diego which probably fifty sixty bucks in gas to a ten minutes for fray. Yeah, you know, in pretty much any room. LA's not gonna pay you less. Pass one of the clubs the only way I five is I drive post mates and I work with Byron Allen on a game show, but you know, there's another dude Byron Allen, everyone makes fun of, you know, because he's, you know. Square. I mean, I don't want to hacky, but he's very Aki his silly humor and like, you know, the setups on comics unleashed. Fuck and Stevie Wonder could see common. Yeah, it's middle. It's based on most of the stuff. It's smart. He's basing it for middle America. Yeah, nobody daytime. You like hockey. Here you like hockey? Well, yeah, I told you that in the green room, but you know, he's anything he's far from dumb. This fucker just bought the Weather Channel for three hundred million. Yeah. So you know, you people who rip on Byron Allen. I remember him when he was on NBC's real people. Not many people can say they have a thirty year career in this business. Now career especially not say they can buy three hundred million dollar company overnight. I mean, that's..

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