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Hello fives as the Lion King Director Jon favreau drops by for a chance we know the story. There's no surprise re-shoots. There's no test screenings where they say it's a really bummed out the kids. When what happens Sumo Fossa we should reshoot that like it's the Lion King and so that offers some protection to US plus the usual news nonsense podcasts at no word of a lie and this is not an advert? This is something that literally just happened in my life got to kick kick ass marvel t shirts for just six pounds. Oh Hollywood. I'm Chris you and welcome to the podcast this week. I'm joined by just two colleagues of such lethal coming but the lethal cunning is is such that I might as well be joined by three colleagues. Write each possess lethal cunning of one and a half Collie when I'm lethal she's coming. I'll take it. I'm joined by James Dyer. Hello Hello Chris how are you. I'm good. I'm switching positions as we have you seen this you are ah I'm I'm in the the power position. Yes you're in the host the host show which of course I'm familiar with from the politics Dot Com thank you for clarifying. We're talking about ceasing positions and nothing else yes. Yes that's right. We're not doing with sexy position. I'll do the Innuendo here Helen O'Hara hello it doesn't it doesn't come easily to you to hey. That's that feels vaguely lifeless anyway. I'm not sure how I feel about mitten on find difficult to you know find it hard difficult to come to grips with. I'll go anyway anyway. So no word of a lie I was just doing a thing in Golden Square and I pumped into Uniqlo. Hello just to take a look at their sale right because he got some kick ass. Marvel t shirts on sale was marvel as true. Oh Shit. I bought the wrong stuff anyway. I picked up to t shirts that I wanted but they didn't have my size. You know extra tubs <hes> last time I was in right so all you got my t shirts and I took him to the counter right and the man taught him up at the thing. It's good that you're explaining the retail experience for business. I'm taking you through it. I'm painting if you give him some kind of currency exchange now let me finish the story. I will tell you dake all right so join the queue and I got to the man. How does a queue were you start a good for American listeners? A Q. is aligned right. Okay so I got to the headline I went to the man he rang up the t shirts and he charged me five pounds eighty now these t shirts Armenta retaliated nine pounds ninety good lord so I went I think he's made a mistake and in that moment my true morality was revealed because I said nothing. I didn't say I didn't say excuse me Sir. You're I think you'll find that this purchase come to nineteen pounds eighty rather than five pounds eight. There was probably an extra disc candy. Simply hadn't noticed the computer wouldn't lie the computer wouldn light and then here's the thing Helen I paid for it with apple pay other payments systems. Are they do lots of free versus week. Have you mentioned the name of the story that we I was in. Yes Times Uniqlo yes but they've got a lot of branches around London and many many throughout the country and also I believe they have a an online website. Welcome to the Empire Fashion podcast tossed anyway he gave me my receipts is right to t shirts. Were two pounds ninety H now. I'm not saying this right as a as a as an advert on US N._S...

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