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Give me a break. We'll we'll I appreciate the call. But come on. Let's. Come on will give me a break. I mean, that's. What what that's just nuts? I mean, there's next thing. I know that she's probably from Mars to. But anyway, I appreciate that call. But really, let's let's deal with some facts. I mean, you tax the easiest thing to do is to tackle and say, let's come up with all kinds of things that had nothing to do with the issue is real simple. She made these statements and. And she she said that her memory was was was questionable acknowledged that. But having said that the next thing was she did make some factual statements that could have been checked, and they were not. And that's where as I said in my opening that I think that this to call this to call this a thorough investigation is a joke in is clearly was a situation where we don't wanna know the truth because if we know the truth navy, this guy wouldn't be on the supreme court, and we really want him on there because of his what what he's gonna do on certain issues what he's going to do on Roe v. Wade is pretty likely that he's going to vote to to the give it back to the states. The likelihood that he's going to to be an. I believe in or he I saw he's already indicated his position on things like global warming on some other issues that he's going to be very conservative. It's going to be real serious problem. Anyway. But again, the issue still is the same. And that's is is that that he's very conservative. And I think now quite frankly in my judgment, and you and I know most of the listeners here don't agree with me. But I think the supreme court has now become basically a show for the conservative Republican party. And and it's it's it's to the detriment of the the country's a whole. We gotta we gotta take. We gotta take a break and come back. We'll talk some more. We'll talk to about the two big issues for today. Obviously this journalism in the journalist in Saudi Arabia and judge Cavin. So we'll take a break this. The Tom Moore show Folino nine two two six six eight..

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