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This Friday it's may twenty ninth twenty twenty on time Georgia along with the bird is just seeing us on this Friday morning at our accu weather meteorologist today joining us is dean devore we'll see some showers and thunderstorms later this morning into the afternoon humidity lowers and it cools off into the weekend the complete accu weather five day on the way right down sixty eight at metro W. WJXX in Detroit community leaders along with the police chief gathered Thursday to condemn the actions of four police officers in Minneapolis as we hear from W. WJZ so this guy when the when the young old or in between the color of our skin should not matter as a related administration of justice Reverend Dr Wendell Anthony president of the N. double ACP Detroit branch reacting to the death of George Floyd who died after one of four cops knelt on his neck for several minutes Memorial Day in Minneapolis I want to take the test at home stand animal are laid down on the floor for seven minutes and see how long that aids has modified whole your breath was lonely C. K. seven minutes which is a lifetime as George will also at the Thursday press conference was Detroit police chief James Craig who described Floyd's death as murder Jason Scott WWJ newsradio nine fifty as events in Minneapolis on fall to peaceful protests continue in a Washtenaw county following a use of force by police earlier this week W. WJHL bull years live local that story Mike.

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