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Top stories are next after traffic and weather together. it's been nice ride this early morning hour no major accidents or sold vehicles to report across our area and traffic is moving at the posted speed almost were highways who do have a couple of overnight construction sells the to wrap up around five in the morning I thirty five south at eagle road that's reduced to one lane also crucial working long sixteen oh four as you head east at two eighty one in the left lane Blaine Brooks newsradio twelve hundred W. away I. hot dry weather goes on through the end of the week might have a few storms around by the tail into the weekend overnight low in the mid seventies with dry weather clouds and sun a high in the mid nineties on a Wednesday I'm meteorologist parts of it from the weather channel on San Antonio's official weather station is ready twelve hundred W. away I. would you away I local news trouble distraught about his impact could mean he coli and other contaminants in more than a hundred twenty six thousand household wells in Texas this is the production of the national groundwater association their band Fraxinus potentially contaminated wells aren't necessarily just those that are most under flood waters contaminated water seeping into wells through cracked and valves or had stems on wells back there for contaminating the drinking water yes those in affected areas get their wells tested they have more information posted on well owner dot org. thing about this is a key coli getting into the water or you know call form you know it transfer the good folks thirty six that was Chris fox in Austin a public hearing was held yesterday for proposed property tax hike in Harris County the increase would raise the tax rate from sixty three cents per one hundred dollars of assessed value to sixty five cents that would amount to about thirty eight dollars annual increase for the average Harris County homeowner and would put about a hundred thirty two million dollars more to the county's general fund a final meeting is scheduled for Tuesday October eighth the day commissioners court votes on the increase well a senatorial based bank is opening its first branch location in Conroe.

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