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Joe, casey. For that. Anyway. Having been here for twenty years. People always say to me, what do you think of Brexit, and I don't want to be? I can't even say facetious and turn around and say, well, what do you think of Brexit because you probably know about him as much about it as I do. I only really know mostly about it from what I read in the newspapers as well. But also people I speak to. One of the things that has been made clear to me is that what they were sold on for. Brexit was not what was going to happen. Anyway. And also that financially it's going to be worse than they thought. So that's why my view is the that they should have stayed. But that being said, do I think this should be another election? Another referendum. No. I don't on the basis that let's say goes the other way. So then what you say. Well, let's how best to three right? Well, you know, you on this one, but we won the early one you're going to have a third one. And then as well as it's it's you have a referendum in a nation has to be good to its word when Britain says this is what we're doing the the nation that has to be good to its word. And interestingly, I there's a great argument here to be made about emotionality and demagoguery versus reason and arguments that both sides made during Brexit or emotional arguments. Right. The argument that the remains made was about better together, and United, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, they stayed away from hard nosed arguments about facts, and these things and when they did make some they were Soto voice over here. And then the the the levers brawl about national identity, and national culture and national things, but they no one ever talked about what was really an issue, which is the most complicated set of interlocking trade deals, treaties and. All of this stuff tangling these countries together, and that undoing it was going to be very very challenging. And as a result, we're walking away with a with our closest ally or most important ally..

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