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Make sure you can take it. If you've got any kind of certain conditions, you can't take it, but in all. All the cases they've used it on different great success dramatically brought down the symptoms, and it saved a lot of lives, but they're telling me now. Because of what fake news has been doing, they give it to. People and people are afraid to take it, so there were actually worried. There could be a death or two from people, not taking their hydroxy Clark. Don't listen to fake news. Your doctors know what they're doing when your doctor tells you. Hill check your medical history and your heart and your ekg and your other medicines. If he tells you to take it, it's okay to take it. They usually give it with a z pack or with zinc vitamin. C. But it's working on everybody, but you know what I've decided. The birth this and even doctors have said they think this. it it. It does work, but no one's convinced. One hundred percent of works preventative wise. They're not sure it can absolutely prevent it. In fact, they don't think it can really prevent it. What they think is. If you're about to get it, because Kita Hydroxy Clark. Get it in the earliest stage. You can get it if you can get it on day one. It's going to really help you, so they think if the president's taking if that's true. that he must have had a much bigger exposure than what's being reported. You know there was what was the story that Valet that he that served them lunch. HAS THAT NOW? That makes sense that makes sense. If, somebody else had yeah, because bunch of doctors have told me that if they had them start on drastically that that means the valid interest bringing a classic coke put down and leave. He must have been in the room for twenty minutes here and there. Must have been around a lot and it must have been a couple of other if if they think there was some serious exposure to the. That's why they would start him on it so if he's taken it. You know if he's really taken it. That would be the reason why so We got Have you been around anybody who later got it. That happens sometimes. No, no I haven't been near anyone. Thank God yeah. Yeah, and I've been careful I'm going to go, but what's like I was with somebody or are. They ran into start talking to me too long or they got too close. and you start to worry about it came right up to. He's talking me so now. I call the person like a few days later. Just make sure they're okay. I call them But five days later. How you doing everything good? found. Then I do for fourteen days because fourteen days is the longest incubation then on the fourteenth I call Sunday sound great and he's fine. I JUST WANNA. See how you doing now. The Guy Thinks I love him. Calling him. We want to know how he's doing I. Hope they notice that after fourteen days I never talked to you again. You got to that so. Connecticut is reopening today. You'll be now. Here's the problem. They're GONNA do outdoor dining and Connecticut as great outdoor restaurants, but. you're going to now be dependent on the weather. I was checking the forecast It's Memorial Day weekend looks pretty good. It'll be like in the. Upper sixties you can eat outside in the upper sixties, but look It looks like rains possible one of these nights, but the most crucial thing is getting US reopen getting people back to work especially this area New York. You know we have a million people in the tri-state area, the work in the restaurant industry or depend on it. You gotta get them back to work. Did you watch the president yesterday? Do the roundtable with all the restaurant owners yeah, I was reading. The fake news went after him. They said Oh the president was awful. It was. Was cringe-worthy watching and talk to these guys. And they pointed to the Thomas Keller, segment! Thomas. Keller is one of the three or four chefs in America in the world. per se in new. York French kitchen in California, and he kept interrupting. Thomas Keller was cringe-worthy article, said I went and watched it. I could see why he was interrupting Keller's Great Guy. He's a genius makes the best cooking videos you'll ever see. You could never cook anything in his videos. It's too complicated. You'd have to set aside three years of your life one of these dishes. But Keller was talking about his problems. Now with suppliers. You can't get supplied and trump was asking. What do you mean like butter? You can't get because we'll have to have a certain kind of butter. And he said it's very important to get the butter from certain months of the year where the cows eating the right type of green grass, because of it's a little later in the year there eating. Hey, and it can affect the flavor of his butter. So this is why trump was cutting them off. Realizes their millions of people in the heartland of America, starving to death who can't afford a can of tuna? And this guy is worried about what the cow ate that he got the butter. Butter might be a list. that. That's why trump is president because he actually stays in contact with the real world. He's not a guy who's ever gonNA. Eat Any Thomas Keller anything I've seen president trump's diet. It's a Cheeseburger, a club sandwich, grilled cheese, a milkshake, a steak, and that's about it. There's no. Fee. Chef came out of the way to came back to the table, said Mr. Trump I'm sorry. We don't have any butter with the cows eating green green grass, the cows eating. Hey, would that be okay? It's not something. He's. So now this is, it's hard to believe. This is Memorial Day weekend coming up. I cannot believe it so the beaches. will be open in long, island and so the beaches in New York. City are the only thing close right. The governor's open the beaches. And it's only here in New York. So what would that be? That would be rockaway Queens. Brooklyn Coney. Island all that. Kinda stuff now you can. Mayor has set it up, so you can go to the beach, but you can't go in the water. You can't near the water. You can look at the sand. You can't sit on the sand you can Walk on the beach, but you got to walk very fast. Don't stop. So what is he thinking? You know you cannot get the virus in very bright sunlight I mean. If if somebody came right up and spit in your face, you might get it, but the virus is killed in bright sunlight. It doesn't transmit very well by the way yesterday was very windy, so I talked to. Some people think I'm afraid to go out in the win. They save somebody, coughs or sneezes droplets come out. They could go six feet, and then you read these crazy reports. It can go ten feet fifteen feet if it's really windy. People got worried, so I asked a few experts on this, they said high wind is better. It disperses the virus all over the place. It's less likely to. In high winds, so if you get a bright sunny day with a lot of wind, you're all, said Actually, a very humid.

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