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Long have we been talking about the chimney. Hollow reservoir list of birth has been eighteen years eighteen years of fighting and litigation and back and forth about this project. Well it looks. As though those legal battles have been settled. Believe it or not seven twenty two now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi k. a. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail via the auto collision specialist studios. Yep according to a piece. By dan mica the northern colorado or the northern water municipal. Subdistrict has indeed. I don't want to jinx it by saying this has indeed reached an agreement with a bevy of environmental groups. He said a cadre to settle federal that litigation to halt plans to build the chimney hollow reservoir again west of bertha ending eighteen years of back and forth and lawsuits according to copa of lawsuits. Now in a statement open it comes out of price apparently in a statement northern colorado water conservancy district said. It will pay fifteen million dollars over multiple years to the grand foundation. This is a nonprofit dedicated to colorado river watershed protection in grand county in exchange. Save the colorado save the putter wild earth guardians living rivers waterkeeper alliance and the colorado. Sierra club will drop their joint lawsuit that was most recently brought into the federal appears court court back in february now in that suit. The group argued that the bureau of reclamation and the army corps of engineers incorrectly issued construction permits for the project by failing to take into full account the environmental impact of the reservoir construction and didn't examine alternatives to the windy gap. Firming project that will actually feed the reservoir. You had northern water general manager. Brad wind saying statement. When did water you gotta love it. This settlement shows there is an alternative to costly litigation that can provide benefits to both the environment in grand county and the colorado river as well as acknowledging the need for water storage and alternative to costly litigation. Let's read between the lines there because well they're paying fifteen million northern colorado water conservancy district is paying fifteen million over multiple years to the grand foundation that nonprofit dedicated to colorado river watershed protection in grand county. Fifteen million.

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