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By the current deadline eleven days from now by law Johnson was forced to send the extension letter but he plans to put I his should deal to parliament early this week wares government predicts it will pass cabinet minister Michael go spoke to Britain sky TV news yesterday we had some people who very differently virgin explicitly to trying to frustrate to this process and to drag it out only thing actually the mood in the country it's clear on the prime minister's determination is absolute we must leave by October thirty first but if the government can't get it done European Union is expected to grant an extension to avoid the economic damage of a no deal brexit Frank like that NPR news London it's the last full day of campaigning before Canadians vote Monday in a national election as Dan carpenter reports all polls suggest neither of the two major parties are likely to win a majority of seats Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party went into the campaign nearly six weeks ago tied in popular support with the opposition conservatives since then nothing much has changed as the two major parties sprint for the finish line in a virtual dead heat the economy and climate change have been two of the main issues for voters if neither of the major parties gains a majority the left leaning New Democratic Party might end up having a greater role in a coalition government in Ottawa and the Green Party has appealed to many voters concerned about climate change and I'm happy with the environmental policies put forward by the main parties and in Quebec the separatist bloc Quebecois has recently surged in the polls and is likely to make games there for NPR news I'm Dan carbon Chuck in Toronto and you're listening to NPR news from Washington and support for NPR news comes from the Christy foundation expanding opportunities in American cities through grants making and social investing learn more at Craske dot O. R. G. welcome aboard.

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